Welcome to the drawing tutorial! Learn how to draw an Audi R8 step-by-step! The Audi R8 is a sports car with a mid-engine and all-wheel drive that was manufactured by the German automaker Audi. You could see this car in many films, such as the movie about Iron Man.

Step 1
You’ve probably already seen the other lessons on drawing cars. The first steps of all these lessons are similar. First, draw a sketch of the car like in this example.

Step 2
You can add some common details to Audi’s front. We draw the distinctive radiator grille and the angular headlights using straight lines.

Step 3
Draw the lines for the windows, mirrors, and doors. Next, draw arches that are semi-ovals or ovals for the wheels.

Step 4
We used very thin lines in the previous steps. In this step, we will use straight lines. Draw the hood, and then draw the headlights using straight lines.

Step 5
The grille should be removed. There are three grilles – one at the center and two below the headlights. Draw the license plate as well as the lower edge of your bumper.

Step 6
Continue the tutorial on drawing an Audi R8. Draw Audi’s roof carefully. Next, draw lines for windows and mirrors.

Step 7
Draw the details and the door from the drawing lesson. Draw the car’s rear and the visible spoiler.

Step 8
Here are the arcs and wheels. It’s not difficult to make the wheels smooth. The Audi R8 is now ready for you to draw the wheel rims.

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