We are in love with German automobile brands to death, that’s why we have so many lessons to learn about Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. The topic of amazing German automobiles will continue in this tutorial on drawing the Audi A4.

Step 1
To sketch an even, smooth and gorgeous Audi We first have to draw the main contours of the body. Sketch out these contours using very gentle lines, such as in the example below.

Step 2
Its main features are drawn however, our car appears more like an empty box. To make it appear more like an actual car, we’ll outline the specifics. By using lights, we sketch the outline of the radiator grille the rear-view mirrors, headlights, wheels, and doors.

Step 3
The most basic contours and detail have been completed, we can move on to drawing more detail. The first step is to use dark and crisp lines, and sketch the outline of the grille for radiators as well as Audi’s headlights that are angular. Draw the Audi sign and registration plate.

Step 4
It’s an easy step. With the dark and clear lines, we trace the contours of the hood. Then, we move to the bumper and draw the fog light and the lower part of the bumper. Take away all guidelines that are not needed on the outside of the Audi A4.


Step 5
The Hood gently draws out the roof. It flows effortlessly through the back of the vehicle. Then you will draw the windows’ lines. Then trace the back view mirror. Finally, remove all lines that are unnecessary at the very top of our Audi.

Step 6
In continuation of the roofline and drawing the rear view of the vehicle. In the next step, following the windows line, draw the doors. On the doors, we draw handles. Then trace the lower side of our Audi and then remove any unnecessary edges from our body.

Step 7
This is the most difficult aspect of the course on drawing the Audi A4. In this step, we’ll need to sketch the wheels as well as the rims. If drawing the wheels, be cautious to draw the wheels as seamlessly as possible. You should take the same care when drawing wheels.

Step 8
The sketch of our Audi is nearly done as is the class done, but to allow make our Audi A4 appear more real in size we’ll include shadows. Utilize dense hatching to create shadows, as well as long strokes to draw highlights on glasses.

We have mentioned in previous drawing lessons, that there is a certain benefit to withdrawn cars because you do not have to worry about insurance costs or costly gasoline (or in the extreme, you can draw anything). However, we hope that the experience of our instructors was helpful to you and that you could learn what to draw on the Audi A4 with the assistance of this lesson.


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