Hello everyone and welcome to our drawing tutorial on drawing the silhouette of an Aston Martin. As you may know, Aston Martin is an English maker of high-end sports automobiles. Aston Martin as well as other automakers like Rolls Royce and Bentley was established in the 20th century. It was then, by the mid-20th century, it became the primary car featured in James Bond stories. James Bond.

Step 1
If you’ve read any of our other car-related lessons, you might be aware that the very first step of them is like this – drawing out the fundamental outline of the car’s contours which is comprised of the lower portion along with the roof.

Step 2
Draw the distinctive radiator grille and the lines of the hood. On the sides of the grille, draw angular and elongated headlights. Under the grille, draw registration plates along with bumper and registration plate lines.

Step 3
With simple lines, draw out windows as well as mirrors. In the lower area, sketch out the wheel arches and the wheels. Don’t forget to draw door lines.

Step 4
Let’s begin adding more information on the exterior of our Aston Martin. Then, using transparent lines, draw out your radiator’s grille as well as the registration plate, and bumper.

Step 5
Continue adding details to the exterior of the vehicle. We only have added the headlights the hood, designs on the front of the car, as well as the Aston Martin, and the sign above the grille.

Step 6
Let’s go to Aston Martin’s top. Aston Martin and draw out the roof, the windows, and the reflections. The roof appears quite similar to the roof on the Ford Mustang.

Step 7
It’s a simple, but a not less crucial step – draw out the rear of the vehicle, drawing along the line of the handle, door, and grille to vent the air.

Step 8
Draw those wheel arches, wheels, and wheels. From this perspective, they are drawn in the shape of arches and ovals, which are semi-ovals. Then, at the end of the process, we draw the wheels (in the shape that you wish).

Step 9
By drawing cross lines, you can create the texture of the radiator grill. Then create shadows by using normal hatching. In the vehicle, don’t forget to add shadow casting.

It was a drawing tutorial on drawing the design of an Aston Martin prepared by 3dvksarts. Don’t forget that on our website there is an abundance of drawing classes on automobiles. Make sure to check them out to read them, and then share them with your friends.

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