It’s time to get some easy drawing tutorials. It’s not everyone’s favorite to eat these kinds of foods However, every aspiring artist would love to know how to draw the vegetable properly.

So, as you know this lesson, we’ll draw this asparagus. This lesson (like every drawing tutorial) will be broken down into easy lines, which means that this easy vegetable will be much easier to draw. Let’s start with this simple guide on drawing asparagus.

Step 1

The first step is to trace the contours of our stem. The contour should be rough and uneven. In step 1 we’ll attempt to create lines that are not just unbalanced, they should also be light.



Step 2

We will now draw scales. They look like the sharp edges are on the stalk. Note that the scales grow more extensive towards the end of the stem.


Step 3

In this process, we remove the additional guidelines. In addition, as per custom, we carefully trace the lines in order to make them darker. It’s best to get something like this:


Step 4

Now we must draw shadows. It is possible to choose any place of shadow and light. In this case, the light comes from above, meaning that we make the shadow appear below. Be aware of the shadows on the ground’s surface.


As we stated at the start of the article the tutorial is very easy. It’s only four steps, and you’ll be able to sketch asparagus. Make sure to leave your opinion on this drawing lesson in the comment section. We will read all your feedback and will take them into consideration in the creation of fresh drawing tutorials. Additionally, we often draw inspiration for our future lessons from the comments our readers leave on our website or on our social media networks. We are looking forward to hearing from you in our upcoming posts!

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