Hello! Today, we’ll show the readers the steps to draw using a brush. It is a tool we seldom use in our work in fact. To be clear it is not our practice to make use of a brush in drawing tutorials on this site.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the Oblique line. The line should be in the middle of a piece of paper.

Step 2
On the lower part of the wand, draw a figure that is rounded with a pointed tip. The figure resembles the flower buds.

Step 3
In this step, we’ll create a small quadrangular figure for our sketch. We will then place the figure over that “bud” from the last step.

Step 4
This is the perfect moment to create a handle for drawing brushes. As you can see, it’s very narrow in its most proximal portion.

Step 5
In this stage, we don’t have to draw any lines. Remove any guidelines that are not needed that were drawn in the previous step. It is possible to create an image that looks similar to this:

Step 6
The final step involves the sketching of shadows.

I hope this lesson was not too difficult. To help you complete this lesson, draw a brush using the horizontal position. Then, we’ll return to you in the next drawing lesson. Bye!

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