Hello, dear artists! We have many interesting things on our website. We haven’t drawn you yet, dear artists. This lesson will teach you how to draw an artist.

Step 1
We choose the character pose first, as we do every time. The artist is in a very typical pose. He holds a palette in one hand and a brush in the other. With simple lines, draw the head and body in the shape of an oval.

Step 2
This adds volume to the figure. Use simple geometric figures to outline the body parts. The neck, torso, and limbs should be drawn in cylinders. Circles are used to represent the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Draw the hands, feet, and palette. Do not forget to draw lines for facial symmetry.

Step 3
Use curved lines to sketch the outline of the beret. Draw the eyes, nose, and ears. Draw the hair protruding under the beret using ragged lines. You can also see the lesson How to Draw a Man for a more detailed explanation of how to draw the human body.

Step 4
This is probably the easiest part of the tutorial on how do you draw an artist. We simply need to add more details to the artist’s head. Draw the faces. Draw the mustache using curved lines. Does this mustache seem too small to you? Next, take a look at how you can draw a mustache.

Step 5
All guidelines should be removed from the artist’s face. Draw the lines for the head and the face. Then add pupils and some wrinkles to your face. Now the artist has his face. You can draw any facial features, but this is a general guideline.

Step 6
Now we will add details to our artist’s body. Draw the scarf using very thin lines. Next, we draw the large and loose sweaters using a lot of links.

Step 7
We repeat the above actions for the lower body. As an example, draw the baggy pants. Draw the lines for the shoes.

Step 8
Remove the guidelines from your body. Draw the lines between the clothes and the body. You can add some folds to your sweater or pants. You can draw arrows on the trousers, pockets, and shoelaces.

Step 9
This is where shadows are added to the image. Add shadows to the picture by using light hatching. In areas where shadows should be darker, add a second layer of shading. A cast shadow is also important.


It’s over. This tutorial will show you many interesting techniques for drawing the human figure. You can draw any person in the exact same way, doctor, or knight. You can help us improve the lessons by subscribing to us on social networks, sharing this lesson, and leaving a comment below.

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