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How to Draw an Arrow

In this easy drawing guide, the team of 3dvkarts.net will show that you can sketch an arrow easily and swiftly. An Arrow is actually a simple thing that is able to be illustrated by using several straight lines. An arrow has three components that are a shaft, a head (or an edge), and an end. The three parts like the ones mentioned earlier can be drawn using straight lines and rulers or other similar items. For more information on drawing, we recommend that you do not use anything similar to that.


Step 1

It is time to draw an arrow starting from the shaft. By using translucent lines, draw a very long, thin rectangle. You can decide the length you want, based on the length of your arrow. be.


Step 2

Draw an arrowhead that is sharp. It’s a shape that resembles an arc. The arrow’s tip is drawn with solid lines that are clear and thick, as no corrections to the details can be made in the upcoming phases.


Step 3

We now make a quick sketch of the fletching. On both sides of the long rectangle, draw two figures that resemble parallelograms. They’re mirrors of one another. This is the step where your work should already appear similar to an arrow.


Step 4

Let’s draw outlines of those feathers. Draw the same number of sloping lines across both sides that form the fletching. Lines should be clean and even. If you’ve done everything correctly the drawing of an arrow must be like what the artists from 3dvkarts.net have drawn.


Step 5

The time has come to the time to add some color and realism to the pencil arrow. In this case, we’ll create the steel gray tip-off, a wooden shaft that is brown and yellow plumage. The colors are obviously any hue. It is also possible to include shadows to make the sketch appear more elaborate.


To help you get started for your convenience, we’ve created a shortened version of the instructions. Download it to your device or save it to your social networks so that you can have it available anytime time.




We’re glad you came to our drawing instructions for drawing an arrow easily. Arrows can be drawn using various tips and feathers. You can make your arrows artwork by adding a different color or pattern to the tips. Also, don’t forget to have the time to look over other drawing directions, designed by the team from 3dvkarts.net.

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