how to draw an apple

This tutorial will be the type of fundamental for many artists. Today, the team at will demonstrate how to draw an apple effortlessly and quickly. When a beginner artist takes out a pencil and draws, most likely the initial thing the pencil will draw will likely represent an apple.

But does everyone draw apples correctly?

It’s unlikely. In this simple seven-step course, we’ll teach you ways to draw the apple an approach that even the least experienced artist can draw it precisely.


Step 1

Every drawing lesson starts with basic geometric shapes and the lesson on drawing an apple isn’t any different. An apple is a basic object that is based on a basic circle. Therefore, draw the circle, which does not require a perfectly flat surface.




Step 2

We can now give our sketch of an apple an edgier appearance. We’ll begin at the highest point of our apple by drawing the outline of the upper edges with two simple curving lines.




Step 3

Apples aren’t always perfectly round, isn’t it? In the next stage, we’ll create a drawing of the apple that is more natural, giving it an appearance that is more realistic. To do this you need to draw two lines on the sides, narrowing the shape of the apple.




Step 4

In the fourth step, we will give the sketch of the apple an overall look. By using a line like that of the capital letters W makes the bottom side the apple.




Step 5

This will be the time to utilize an eraser. Use this tool to remove the lines created during the initial step. The apple’s artwork should look like this.




Step 6

To make this sketch appear much more like an apple you can include an apple stem. The stem comprises two slightly curly lines and a tiny oval at the top.




Step 7

You can keep your apple photo with a black and white background, or even add some shadows and color. This gives your artwork an even more realistic appearance and “tasty” look. The apple can be colored by using the color red (as in our photo) either green or yellow.




For whom, then, do you think this drawing lesson is valuable?

The first is for beginners who wish to learn how to draw simple things. Also to those who wish to expand their knowledge about drawing.

This course will also be helpful for those who wish to master drawing stunning and fully-fledged still lives.

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