Hello everyone! Today, we are presenting a brand new drawing lesson on drawing your own Apple Watch. We’re sure you know that we are huge fans of Apple products and already have drawing classes for iPhones, iPad, and iPods. It’s time to master what it takes to draw the Apple Watch.

Step 1
First sketch the outline of the display that we will use on the Apple Watch. Make use of very thin lines in this step. Make sure that the edges of the screen need to be smooth.

Step 2
Draw the back of the screen using the circle and the digital crown in our case. The angles in this case should be turned.

Step 3
Continue drawing tutorials on drawing on an Apple Watch. By drawing curved lines, draw the strap.

Step 4
With clean and smooth lines, sketch out the touchscreen as well as the watch’s entire body.

Step 5
Also with smooth and clear lines, draw out the watch’s strap.

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