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Apple Company Apple Company creates really cool products that are loved by people across the globe. iPods, iPads, and iPhones have earned the respect of people from different fields and age groups. However, as you may have guessed the story began with a machine called Macintosh. Macintosh computers are shown by a huge collection of products, which are desktops and laptops, which is now called iMac. We’ll now move on to the guide on drawing as an Apple iMac step by step.

Step 1

The first step is to just sketch the outline for an iMac monitor. To accomplish this we draw the outline like in the illustration below, using the four lines straight. While drawing your monitor bear your mind on the angle at which it is situated.


Step 2

On the monitor, sketch the outline of the stands. Then, sketch the outline of the keyboard, drawing it in the shape of a rectangle. At the end of the process, we draw the magic mouse, which is different in that it only has only one button.

Step 3

Utilizing four smooth and curly lines that wrap around the corners of the screen. Then, using straight and simple lines, sketch out the screens of the iMac. Make sure to look for symmetry, like in the image below.

Step 4

With the aid of using an eraser can remove any unnecessary guidance on your Apple iMac. The next step is to create an Apple Logo on the display. Then draw the keys onto the keyboard. Finally, draw an arc line to the mouse.

Step 5

With the aid of two simple lines, we can draw the reflection on the display of the iMac. Through hatching, we can paint on the Apple logo. After that, we draw using hatching shadows like in the example below.

Was the lesson easy enough? In this lesson, you’ll see lots of simple and straight lines (especially in the case of keyboards) This lesson could be boring and difficult If you manage to handle all the lines, you’ll receive a fantastic Apple iMac drawing. Also, in one of the previous lessons, we sketched a computer, which was drawn in a very similar way to the drawing you can observe during this class.

Let us know what you can think about this lesson, and also about our website in general since we are here for our readers and strive to make instructions as easy as is. Don’t forget to join our social networks such as Pinterest for the ability to keep up-to-date with our updates.



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