Dear artist, this lesson will show you how to draw an antelope head.

Step 1
Draw the head as two ovals. Next, draw long horns and ears, as well as a line for your eyes.

Step 2
As shown in the example, thinned the horns. Next, draw your ears as leaves. Next, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3
Draw the facial features and connect all lines. Eliminate all lines that are not necessary.

Step 4
This is the simplest step of the lesson on how to draw a head for an antelope. Draw transverse lines along the horns, and then draw a pattern across the face.

Step 5
To make your drawing more real, add shadows. This is done using traditional hatching.

The drawing of the head of an antelope is now complete. You can also visit our “animals” section to learn drawing lessons about all kinds of animals, from sharks to horses.

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