Hello Dear readers from 3dvkarts! Today we’ll show the viewers ways to draw the Ankheg. If you’ve participated in Dungeons & Dragons you know that an ankheg is the result of crossing caterpillars and the size of a giant. If you’ve played the epic Baldur’s Gate and you’ve got the Baldur’s Gate game in mind, you’ll know from it, you could create one of the most effective armor sets armor by using a shell of the ankheg.

Step 1
First, sketch the basic forms of our ananke. Draw your body and parts of the torso with ovals and legs using lines that are simple. Noting that ankhegs are composed of three legs.

Step 2
Draw some of the head of ankheg like the eyes and antennas and massive jaws.

Step 3.
Draw the different parts that make up the face. Draw the eyes that are angry and include some details like the lines of the antennas and folds of the face.

Step 4
Continue drawing the ananke. Draw the upper portion of the torso by using the front legs.

Step 5
Draw out the two hind legs and join them with the rest of the torso.

Step 6
And at the end of the process, apply shadows with classic hatching.

We are awestruck by Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs and we strive to draw the characters and characters from this wonderful universe. And on our website, you already have a wealth of D&D-related tutorials including drawing the wizard and how to draw the beholder (probably one of the more unique creatures from DnD).).

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