How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step -

How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step

How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to draw an adorable anime vampire girl in just sixteen steps. You can also use a variety of hair colors and facial expressions to create this character.

Step-by-step drawing of an anime vampire girl

Female anime vampires, especially if they are the main character 3dvkarts, tend to be more cute than frightening. This tutorial will teach you how to draw this character. One that is not particularly intimidating but has just a tiny hint of an aggressive/mischievous look. You can also add basic accessories to help her look like a vampire.

This tutorial follows the same drawing method as the others on, but the proportions for this character are slightly different. You can achieve a very similar look by following the steps.

When drawing with pencil and paper, make sure you start with very thin lines. You will need to erase in-between steps. You can darken your lines later.

Please also note that the tutorial offers alternative facial expressions to the ones shown in the step-by-step preview. This is an example of the teeth/fangs that show, which are so typical of a vampire. These can be seen at the end of step 16.

Step 1: Draw the upper part of the head

Anime vampire girl head top drawing

Start the drawing by drawing a vertical line across the center of the drawing area. This will help ensure that the heads/faces are equal in width. To represent the top of your head, add a small oval (almost circular) to the end. This should be placed near the top of the vertical line.

Step 2: Draw the lower part of the head

Anime vampire girl head bottom drawing

Add the lower half of the head to the circle. This will make the character more adorable.

You can draw each side as shown in the example above by drawing a straight line down that runs towards the middle of your head, followed by curves and another line that runs towards the center. The small curve at the chin should join the two sides.


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Step 3 – Draw your neck and shoulders

Anime vampire girl neck drawing

From the top, add the neck and the upper portion of the shoulders. The neck should be quite straight and the shoulder should be relatively small in relation to your head.


How To Draw an Anime Neck and Shoulders

Step 4 – Position your Eyes

Anime vampire girl eyes drawing

Place the eyes horizontally by splitting the face in half and placing the tops slightly below the halfway point. The position of the bottom eye is not fixed. It will all depend on how high you want them to be.

You want to space your eyes so that you can accommodate a third eye. You will still need to maintain the same spacing, but you should make the space a little narrower (less than the width of the other eye).

The outer shapes of your eyes should be taller than the inner ones. Position the irises so that their top ends are covered by the top eyelashes.

These eyes will give your character an aggressive/fixated look, as I mentioned earlier.


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Step 5: Add the Eyebrows

Anime vampire girl eyebrows drawing

Place the eyebrows so that there is a slight gap between them and the upper portion of the eye.

The eyebrows should be drawn very short, with thicker inner ends. Angle them towards the middle of the head.

This will suit the character. Her slightly aggressive appearance will be enhanced by having them slightly angled downwards. This will make her appear more confident.


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Step 6 – Position your Nose

Anime vampire girl nose drawing

Place the nose so that the bottom is at the same horizontal position as the bottoms of the ears (between your upper eye and the bottom of your chin).

The nose can be drawn in a water drop shape. You can draw the nose as a dot, which is very common in anime.

Step 7 – Position your Mouth

Anime vampire girl mouth drawing

The halfway point of the nose and the bottom chin is where the mouth should be. To create a little smile, draw it wide and with a slight curve.

This character has a combination of serious, confident eyes and a light smiley mouth that gives it a playful “I’m going get you” look.

Step 8 – Position your Ears

Anime vampire girl ears drawing

This tutorial will show you how to place your ears slightly differently for this character.


Please note that the ears are fully covered by hair in the final drawing so you don’t necessarily have to add them. If you wish to draw the character with a different style of hair, however, the instructions for drawing them are still available.

You can place your ears by drawing a pair of curve lines that touch the nose and upper part of the eyes. These lines should place the ears slightly lower than their bottoms so that they are slightly above the nose. The height of your ears should be at least the distance between the top of your eyes and the bottom end of the nose.

You can also draw their inner details and place them in an alternative location.

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Step 9 – Draw the front of your hair

Anime vampire girl hair front drawing

Drawing hair is easy if you split it into three sections. These are the.

Front Hair Section – shown in red

Side Hair Sections– shown in green

Top Hair Section – shown in blue

This approach is described in more detail here:

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Start with the front. As shown in the example, it should be one large clump. It will split in half near the ends.

Step 10 – Draw the sides of your hair

Anime vampire girl hair sides drawing

You can add the side section “hugging” the face again, each starting with one large shape that splits near the ends.

Step 11 – Draw the back/top of the hair

Anime vampire girl hair back drawing

The back section should be added with its top part slightly following the shape of your head. Next, work your way around the neck to reach the shoulder and then go behind the ears.

To make your hair look more natural/messy, you can draw small clumps out of it.

Step 12 – Draw the smaller details of the Face

Anime vampire girl outline drawing

Ensure that everything is in its right place at this point. After that, clean up the drawing by erasing any areas of the head that are not covered by hair.

Step 13 – Draw the smaller details of the Face

Anime vampire girl details drawing

Now, add the details that are smaller. These should include the small details of the eyes, including a hint of the eyelids, the hair folds, and the collar bones.

Anime vampire girl eyes drawing step by step

The example below shows a step-by-step drawing of the eyes. However, you can hold off on coloring/shading until steps 15-16.

Draw the pupils taller and narrower so the eyes look a little “cat-like”.

Step 14 – Add Accessories

Anime vampire girl clothes drawing

To emphasize the fact that she is a vampire, you can get accessories for her.

It will be a pendant or necklace in the shape of a band bat. As shown in the example, you can add a hint to her clothes and a band around her neck.

After you have added the accessories, you can either trace over your lines in pencil or use a black pen/marker to darken them. Be careful to not make a mistake if you choose the latter.

Step 15 – Color

Anime vampire girl coloring

The first color scheme for this character is likely to be red/pink and black, as these colors compliment the theme of vampires.

It is possible to fill every area of the drawing using one solid color. The highlights of the eyes can be left white. The highlights can be left white or shaded in with the same hair color.

The highlights for this style will be simple, but you can draw them in a completely different way.

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The bottom lip is another detail you should add to your coloring. This can be done with a light pink or red color, but not with a dark outline. This is a very common technique in anime/manga.

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More information on coloring anime characters can be found here:

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Step 16 – Add Shading

Anime vampire girl shading

The character looks great with just the base color, but you can add simple shading to make it stand out.

Similar to other tutorials on the site, shading will be done in an extremely generalized fashion. Shadows will simply be added in areas where shadows are more likely to form under normal lighting conditions like a well-lit area.

In the following locations, add shadows:

You will see tiny shadows around your eyes

The top of the eyes is covered by small shadows made from the eyelashes

Shadows from the hair

Shadow at the neck, starting from the head

The shaded area in the inner/back portion of the hair

Bat pendant drawing

Shade the pendant with a dark color, but keep a highlight at the top. Below is a close-up drawing.

If you are drawing on paper, it is easy to add these lines by simply tracing over the areas with a regular pencil.


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This tutorial should be completed once you have finished the shadows. However, you can still see more content down below.

Variations in Hair Color

You can make this character look great with the colors of your hair:

Anime vampire girl blonde hair drawing

Blonde can also be a good hair color for this character. This is also a common hair color for anime vampires.

Anime vampire girl white hair drawing

You can also dye your hair platinum blonde or white (no highlights).

Expressions & teeth/Fangs Drawing

You can see some facial expressions on this character’s face.

Anime serious vampire girl drawing

The first is slightly angry/serious, but not too much. Draw the expression below with the eyebrows slightly lower and the eyes slightly squinted. The mouth should be drawn in a “smiley” fashion with the fangs on either side. A larger drawing is available to further down.

Anime playful vampire girl drawing

The second expression is more playful. This expression is a sort of “Oh, really?” expression. In this example, raise your eyebrows (especially the inner ends) and slightly squint your eyes.

Anime vampire girl teeth and mouth drawing

The example below shows a close-up drawing of the teeth. You can keep the character’s appearance “pretty” by drawing the fangs small. A broken-up curve can be used to show a hint of the teeth below, as seen in the above example.


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This tutorial shows you how to draw a cute little vampire girl. It also gives some tips on how to give her personality. You are free to experiment with different color combinations, facial expressions, and accessories. Think about what suits your character.

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