How to Draw an Anime School Girl

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin by sketching the girl’s face .

Step 2

You will now sketch out the round portion of the head that is also known as the bangs.

Step 3

The next step is to draw in accordance with the thickness of your eye shape. Once you’re done, you will be able to draw the next eyebrow.

Step 4

Complete on the eye by drawing them out and adding the cheek bump, and finally add the mouth and nose.

Step 5

The look of the schoolgirl in this anime is perfect. The only thing you have to do is draw the rest of her hairstyle , which should be braided and short.

Step 6

Then, draw the outline of her neck and the bodice of the school dress. The edges must also be adorned with a pin-striped borders as the image below.

Step 7

Then, draw your shoulders as well as the sleeves. The way you see, her blouse is a short-sleeved one with thin trims on the cuff. It is also necessary to tie her arms.

Step 8

The next thing to do is to pull her breasts and torso apart. Start with the larger lumps and then draw her small waist in with the hemline of her shirt. The design will remain in place when you apply thin pin stripes to the lower part of your blouse. You can also add a scarf similar to an afghan.

Step 9

Here’s what we’ve drawn so far. We’ve drawn her hair, head face, torso, and shirt. Now we must draw her hips and a short pleated skirt. The skirt’s edges need to be sharp due to the fact that pleats are being pulled up by her

Step 10

All you need to do is draw her legs the thighs.

Step 11

Then draw her folds. Once you have done that, you’re finished drawing an anime schoolgirl If you do make mistakes, you can erase them right now.

Step 12

Here’s how your completed sketch will appear when you’re finished. You can now have fun coloring her.

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