How to Draw an Anime School Girl in 6 Steps

This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial shows the steps to draw a woman in anime-style wearing a college or school uniform in three quarters. It covers everything from the basic design of the body to an elaborate shaded and colored drawing.


Anime school girl step-by-step drawing

Step 1 – Structure the Body

Anime girl body proportions and structure

The most crucial thing to do when designing the figure is to determine the proper proportions.
The proportions of anime may be slightly different from those for real body parts, however, the same principles still apply.

An effective method of measuring the body is to use the head. A typical body that has a head on it can be as tall as seven heads. The heads in anime are drawn larger than they actually are, so in this tutorial, we’ll make use of 6.5 heads.

Begin the first drawings of the proportions, starting with your head, and then moving towards the remaining parts of the body.

One common method to mark joints would be to use circles. There is no need to draw circles, but it could be useful.

The distance from your body up to the lower part of your legs is roughly equal to the size of your head as well as your body in total.

The arms are a little larger in comparison to the overall human body (keep on your toes that these arms in this illustration are held slightly up).

Also, be aware that the outer side of your physique (especially that of the arms) is smaller than those closer to the eye due to the perspective.

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Understanding the Guidelines

Anime girl body part drawing

The blue lines drawn in the above illustration are guidelines to assist you in the drawing.
As previously mentioned, the circle aid in identifying joints. They also serve as dividers, helping to space across the various areas of the body.

The oval drawn into the head aids in drawing the contour on the face’s top. The reason to draw the entire oval is that it makes it much simpler to identify when you’ve made mistakes. If you draw only half, you may notice that it’s not correct as you sketch the next half.

The lines that define the body aid in defining its 3D shape. The middle line is utilized to assist with the perspective, as, in three quarters, the away side is smaller than the side that is closer. The other line is used to identify where the front of the human body ends, and where the side starts. The idea is to sketch the basic form of your body as an elongated block with sharp edges.

Step 2 – Draw the Facial Features

Anime girl facial features three-quarter view

There are many tutorials for drawing facial features on the website, so we will not discuss the intricacies of drawing facial features in anime style.

Check out the instructions below for drawing facial characters in anime style:

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One thing you need to know is that the face that is depicted in the tutorial was drawn in a 3/4 view, due to perspective, the faces on the other part of the face are drawn tiny and placed a bit further down. It is not necessary to consider this difference in size unless you’re drawing a huge detail of your face.

When the opposite side of the face curves away from the view, the far eye and eye appear in a horizontal “squished” compared to the side closer to the eye.

Step 3 – Draw the Hair

Anime girl hair three-quarter view

This particular hairstyle is ideal for drawing hair in the direction of the outline of the head’s top and then gently curving it in various directions while it hangs down.


When drawing hair for anime, generally it is recommended to draw the hair in a sort of clumps. Try to vary the dimensions and the direction that they are pointing for an appearance that is more natural.

It could also be beneficial to think of hair being split into front sides, back, and side parts, particularly for similar or similar styles.

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Step 4 – Draw the Clothes

Drawing anime girl school uniform

The process of drawing clothes is the same way as drawing hair. Since they’ll follow the contours of your body.

Drawing the Shirt, Sweater Vest & Ribbon

Drawing anime girl clothes on the body

Drawing the Skirt

Drawing anime girl skirt on the body

School uniforms used in anime typically feature sharp folds that wrap over the entire body. The skirt generally consists of a cone shape, with the top removed.

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Drawing the Shoes and Socks

Drawing anime girl shoes and socks on the body

If you wear tight socks, they are designed to exactly match the leg shape. Be aware that the top portion of socks is likely to curve since the legs have the shape of a cylinder that sits below the surface of the eye (again you can check out the tutorial on perspective earlier in case you require more explanation).

The shoes roughly follow the shape of the feet.

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Step 5 – Draw the Smaller Details

Drawing anime school uniform folds and face details

Draw the parts of the face as well as the clothing. Once this step is complete, you will have a completed outline of an anime character dressed in a uniform for school.

Drawing the Clothes Folds

Drawing anime girl school clothes folds

Make a few folds in the clothing. Most of them are closer to the bottom of the garment where the clothes begin to stretch and are also similar to the armpits when the pressure is put on the fabric.

Draw the Skirt Fold Edges

Drawing anime girl school skirt folds

Draw some lines to show an idea about the edge of your skirt. They’ll only be seen on the left-hand side of the drawing since eventually, the folds will turn to the right so that the opposite sides of the skirt won’t be apparent.

Draw the Sock & Shoe Details

Drawing anime girl shoes and socks details

For the socks, draw a few lines along with the form of the leg. Draw these lines very light. Be aware that the legs are round so the distance between the lines should be more toward the middle part of the leg facing the viewer. It should be less with each stripe as they curve more towards the leg.

In the case of shoes, you could simply add small aspects in their style to give them appear more attractive.

Step 6 – Color & Shade the Drawing

Anime girl in school uniform color and shading

The first step in coloring anime characters is simple, simply apply a shade to each spot by using the right shade.

Cel shading is the process of shading the drawing in a manner that does not have gradients.

To create a more convincing shading we must first think about our source of light. In this instance, it will be located in the top left corner of the drawing. This means that shadows will be located on the right side of the drawing.

The main shadows will fall on the neck, under the chest, and below the skirt. 

Shading & Coloring the Face & Hair

Anime school girl face

There is also a shadow on the lids. The head casts an enormous shadow over the neck, too.

For hair, the shaded part will be the back of the hair. It is also possible to add highlights to make it a more glossy look.

Shading & Coloring the Torso Area

Coloring and shading anime school uniform torso area

There will be a small shadow around the folds and also shadows on the right side of the vest since it faces towards the source of light.

Shading & Coloring the Skirt

Coloring and shading anime school skirt

The shadows for the skirt will be within the folds. When the folds move to the right of the drawing, shadows will be less apparent.

The skirt also casts shadows over the legs.

Shading & Coloring the Shoes & Socks

Coloring and shading anime girl shoes and socks

You’ll want to add some reflections to the shoes, however, so that they have a glossy appearance. Do not make the highlights too bright or the shoes may appear like they’re made from glass.


If it’s overwhelming, do not worry. It is possible to draw different sections of the lesson separately to make it simpler.

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