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How to Draw an Anime Panda Girl Step by Step

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw an anime panda or, more precisely, an anime girl wearing an anime hoodie. It takes just fifteen steps.

Anime panda girl drawing step by step

The image above shows a preview of the drawing stages that will be used for the panda girls.

The “panda girl”, unlike the other tutorials on AnimeOutline, will be wearing a panda jacket instead of actual animal features. This is because it’s a popular trend in manga and anime.

You will likely be familiar with many of the steps if you have already completed similar tutorials. There are some things that are specific to this tutorial, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Start with light lines if you plan to draw using pencil and paper. You will need to erase some parts of some steps. These lines are darker to make it easier for you to see. Once you are satisfied with the placement of everything, you can draw over it using a darker stroke and then color.

Step 1: Draw the head and shoulders of the Panda Girl

Anime panda girl head drawing

Draw the character’s head, neck, and shoulders. The character will have a large head and narrow neck, with small shoulders.

Draw a straight vertical line across the middle of your drawing area. Draw a circle near the top of the line to represent your head. You should leave enough space above it to allow for the hoodie or panda ears to be added later.

Draw the bottom portion of the head by drawing down from the circle. The example shows the breakdown of the shape. Draw a Warrior Wolf

The lower half of the face should look like this:


  • Two slightly inwardly angled downwards (towards the middle of the face)
  • A pair of light curves
  • There are two more downwards lines, one facing inwards and the other facing outwards.
  • For the chin, a small curve

From the lower portion of your head, draw the neck. As it descends, make it slightly wider. Then draw the shoulder muscles that run downwards towards your shoulders. The actual shoulders can be drawn with a pair of curves that transition into the downward lines of the arms.

Step 2 – Draw your eyes

Anime panda girl eyes drawing

Place the eyes horizontally dividing the head and draw just a little below the halfway mark.

Anime panda girl eye spacing drawing

Place them in a space that is large enough to allow for a third eye.

You can leave out the details at this stage, as it is important to establish the facial placement.

A more detailed explanation of how to draw the eyes can be found later.

Step 3 – Draw your Eyebrows

Anime panda girl eyebrows drawing

The eyebrows should be drawn slightly above the eyes. They will be shorter in this instance than the eyes.

You can find different types of eyebrows here:

How to Draw Anime & Manga Eyebrows

Step 4 – Draw your nose

Anime panda girl nose drawing

The nose should be placed between the horizontal halfway point of your head and the bottom part of your chin. The nose can be drawn as a small dot or tiny dash.

Step 5 – Draw your mouth

Anime panda girl mouth drawing

The mouth should be placed so that the upper lip (not drawn) is about halfway between the nose & the bottom of your chin. The actual moth can be drawn just a little above this.


This will give the mouth a light smile. This will show that the mouth is curved a bit more than normal.


How To Draw Manga Mouth Expressions

Step 6 – Draw your Ears

Anime panda girl ears drawing

The hair will cover the ears so you don’t need to draw them. If you wish to draw a different style, the placement of the ears is shown.

Place the eras so that their upper portions are just below the top of your eyes, and their lower portions just below the dot on the nose.

Alternative ear placements can be found here:

Step by Step Drawing Anime Cat Girl Ears

Step 7 – Draw your Hoodie

Anime panda girl hair volume drawing

As we have already said, the “panda girl”, in this instance, will be a girl wearing an oversized panda hoodie.

It is important to measure the volume of the hair underneath the hoodie before you place it on the head. The volume of the hair is shown above in red, while the outline of the hoodie is shown over it in blue. Although you don’t have to outline your hair exactly as in the example, it is important to remember that there will still be some distance between the outline and the fabric.

Anime panda girl hoodie see-through drawing

First, draw the outer shape of the hoodie. Next, draw the inner opening. You can add some wrinkles around your armpits and fold the arms. You can also add a placket to the middle of your hoodie, which is the part that holds the buttons. It should start just below the shoulders.


Anime panda girl hoodie drawing

After you’re done drawing, you can remove the parts of your head and arms that are covered by the hoodie.

You can find out how to draw a hoodie or other headwear by clicking:

How To Draw Anime Hats and Headware

Step 8 – Draw your Hoodie Panda Ears

Anime panda girl ears drawing

Add the ears of the panda to the top of your hoodie. These should be fairly round. You can intentionally make the outlines of these objects uneven to show they are made from soft fabric.

Step 9 – Draw the side section of your hair

Anime panda girl sides hair see-through drawing

Draw the sides of your hair starting from the bottom of the hoodie. Curve them so they hug the face.

This drawing method is described in more detail at:

How To Draw Manga Hair – Female

Anime panda girl sides hair drawing

If you wish to erase parts of your head or ears, you can cover them with the hair and create a new drawing.

Step 10 – Draw the front section of your hair

Anime panda girl front hair drawing

The middle section (shown in red), should be drawn. Leave a large clump in the center, and sweep the rest under the sides.

Step 11 – Draw the back section of your hair

Anime panda girl back hair drawing

Draw the hair in the background (shown here in blue).

Step 12 – Draw your Eye Details

Anime panda girl eye details drawing

The following details can be added to your eyes:

  • Hints to the eyelids
  • Individual eyelashes: Hints
  • Pupils
  • Highlights/Reflections on eyes

The eyelids can be shown as a pair or two of small curves that are closer to the eyes than the eyelashes. They should also be slightly angled towards the nose.

You can shade the outlines of your eyelashes in black, and then draw some spiky lashes into them.

Draw the pupils in the same shape as the irises, with each pupil being highlighted.

Anime panda girl eyes drawing step by step

Below is a breakdown of each step of drawing the eyes. You should not color until you reach that stage.

Step 13 – Make the Hoodie Details

Anime panda girl line drawing

Draw the panda’s face at the top of your hoodie, as shown in this example. You can draw just the outline of the black areas pandas have around their eyes (no need for actual eyes), the mouth, and the nose.

A button can be added to the placket. You can also outline a small highlight area within it.

After you are done with the first stage, you can trace your lines and darken them. But don’t darken your highlights (eyes/button)! These lines should be kept light to blend in with the color.

Step 14 – Apply color

Anime panda girl drawing coloring

For the panda girl, you will only need to use a few colors.

Darken the eyes, ears, and nose of the panda. The pupils can be made dark grey/black, with the highlight, kept white. Brown the hair and iris. The neck and face can be made very pale orange/pink. The rest of the body can remain white.

Step 15 – Shading and Finish the Panda Girl Drawing

Anime panda girl drawing

The previous examples may have shown that the drawing is a little flat. Also, the eyes appear to be staring at you. You can fix this by adding some shading to the drawing.

Shadows are formed based on the lighting conditions of the subject. The shading will be generic and appear as though the character is outdoors in the daylight with the main light source above her.

Shade the upper portion of your iris to get rid of that “staring look”. Then, use lighter shadows like the following:

  • The visible hair is located at the top (from the hoodie).
  • The eyelids are the most important (as less light reaches these areas).
  • The white part of the eyes that is not visible from the eyelashes (top)
  • The hair’s middle and side clumps (cast by the sections of hair) are located.
  • To the right side of the nose (casting by the nose).
  • Below the mouth (cast with the bottom lip that’s not drawn)
  • The back section of your hair is darker than the rest of the hood.
  • The back of the hood (again, less light reaches there)
  • The entire neck (cast with the hoodie or the head)
  • Below the hood (cast entirely by itself).
Anime panda girl eyes drawing large

The large/close-up drawing shows all the details of the eyes.

Remember that this character is stylized and not meant to be exact. The goal is to make it look believable.


This tutorial shows the “panda” girl wearing a hoodie with panda features. These hoodies, especially bear-themed ones, are quite common in manga and anime.

You can use the same steps to create a hoodie that features a different bear or animal. Change the shape of your ears and face, especially the eyes.

You can also use this tutorial to draw a fantasy-themed anime girl or another animal if you found it helpful.

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