Animation is one of the most admired and beautiful kinds of visual art. This tutorial will teach how to draw an anime nose. and the art of drawing an anime nose.

The truth is that in the animated world, there are numerous ways you draw noses. The appearance of the nose is based on a variety of factors, including gender, age as well as the position that the person is drawn. In this article, we’ll try to demonstrate all ways to draw anime-inspired noses.

The nose in cartoons is drawn as simply a line. There are two lines that show the shape of the nostrils or the tips of the tip of your nose.

The drawing of the Anime nose can be more complex. For this, create a slightly curly nose bridge in addition to the standard lines drawn in the figure above. The nasal bridge may take different forms. You will observe this in the illustration by the artists at below.



Be aware of how your nose appears at the sides. In its most basic form, it is a line that is that of the nostril’s bridge as well as the line that runs down the middle of your nose. In addition, it can be an additional line that is the nostril. Take note of the various noses that look similar to anime.


To make the anime’s nose drawing more complicated To make the drawing more complex, you must include some shadows. The shadows in anime are easy to draw. It is first necessary to draw the outline of the shadow Then with thick but thin hatching, you can paint on the part of the shadow.


In the picture below, we attempted to show you how noses look from various viewpoints. Try to replicate the same look, but don’t forget to apply the shadow the same way as in the example by the artists at


As you can observe, it was quite simple to master what it takes to draw a cartoon nose. It is important to reiterate all the essential points.

Most importantly, Try drawing an anime nose, not only in isolation from the entire body but also as an element of an overall portrait. Visit our drawing tutorial on drawing anime and then try to recreate the entire drawing, using the information you learned in this article as you draw your nose.

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