how to draw an anime head

The visitors of are extremely fond of drawing anime, so today we’ll show the user the steps to drawing the head of an anime. This tutorial will be part of the set of tutorials on drawing anime and draws inspiration from one of our earlier tutorials on drawing anime faces. Contrary to the article above in this one, we’ll focus more on the specifics of the head overall. The process of drawing a head in anime differs from the procedure of drawing a face in an anime.

What is required is to know how to draw some anime heads. You’ll require your art supplies which could be an art pencil or a graphics tablet along with a love of anime art.


Step 1

Let’s start with the basic outline. In the beginning, it’s similar to an upside-down egg. Don’t use black and clear lines to make changes or additions easier later on.




Step 2

Let’s draw lines to show the face of an anime. However, first, we need to design an outline of a neck. Create an upright line and horizontal lines. The lines must have the lightest weight possible.




Step 3.

Beginning with the third stage beginning from the third stage, we will concentrate on the specifics of the cartoon head drawing. The first step is to draw the eyelashes followed by the pupils (irises) like the artists from




Step 4

Draw the inner portion of the pupils, in the form of smaller ovals. Below your eyes draw eyebrows that look like the sketches of the artists at or any other style.




Step 5

The first step of the guide on drawing an anime head will comprise of a few simple dashes. Utilize a pair of quick dashes to draw an eye and a mouth. Create folds that are above eyelids (eyelids) using a few more dashes.




Step 6

The jaws of the animist are rarely oval, but it usually is angular. So, it is important to sharpen the jaw as the artists of in the drawing below. Finish stage six by drawing ears.




Step 7

It is now time to draw hair. For the first time, using the aid of a sharp line, draw a bang. In order to find out more about drawing hair, read the tutorial on drawing hair in anime.




Step 8

At this point, we must finish drawing the hairstyle of the person we sketched. For this, draw the upper portion or like the artists from have done, or create your hairstyle of your own.




Step 9

The primary lines of the artwork are completed, and it’s time for you to clean the artwork. In order to do that, use an eraser to clean your artwork of lines. To get a better view you can trace the image using darker pencils or ink.




Step 10

Your artwork can be left in black and white or you can add a hue. You can make use of the colors offered by the artists on or create your art in a distinct color scheme.




All things come to an end eventually or later. The guide for drawing the head of an anime is no exception. The team behind worked hard to make the process as easy and cost-effective as possible. We hope this simple piece was easy to follow even the least skilled artist can master every step.

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