We decided to design a new anime drawing class. We pay a lot of focus on the proper construction of the head and face since, in the world of anime, it’s an essential aspect. Therefore, let’s get started with drawing the head of an anime.

Step 1

The first step is drawing facial contours. This is a crucial step because face contours that are not properly drawn can ruin the entire drawing. The face’s contour is like an egg that has been turned upside down with a pointed bottom.



Step 2

Let’s draw straight lines using regular lines to draw landmarks sketching facial expressions. The eyes are the primary element in drawing anime. So, when drawing the eyes you must be extra cautious. The transverse line should divide the face into two parts. Draw a second transverse line below the original line.

In the final step, we draw a fine elegant neck.


Step 3

We draw large almond-shaped eyes. You will notice that in our drawing, the bottom contour is not present. If it is easier for you to draw the contours, trace the entire outline of the eyes, and then erase the lower edge.

The pupils should be positioned just a little closer to the middle in the nasal area than the central part of the eyes. There are two circles each. Be particularly careful about the placement of pupils.
If after a few steps, you examine your drawing and realize that it’s not quite as you expected The issue is likely to be in the area or the position of your pupils.

In this next step in this step, we will draw eyebrows that are narrower in the direction of lateralization.


Step 4

Once you’ve checked the prior step and checked that everything was drawn correctly you are able to move on.

In ideal circumstances, the top edge of the ear should align in a straight line with the edge that is higher than your eyes and the lower part of the ear should be aligned with the point of your nose. In this instance, you will notice some slight deviation from the rule.

In animation, the nose and mouth are typically drawn with a simple style. It is evident the difference between extremely difficult and expressive eyes as well as the rest of the facial features drawn with a simple style.


Step 5

We continue our drawing instruction about the drawing of an anime head. Now we draw contours for hairstyles. Similar to everything else with the exception of eyelashes, we don’t require a lot of detail for this task. In this process, we mark the outlines of the hairstyle of our character by drawing short, wavy lines.


Step 6

We erase all of the unnecessary lines that are in the picture of our cartoon boy. We wash the entire photo. Remove all the edges below the eyes, if you’ve not managed to make it one or two steps back.


Step 7

The first step is to paint the pupils using hatching, leaving a small sparkle in the lower portion of each eye. Then, using the hatching technique, paint shadows in the manner illustrated in our lower. It is possible to add another layer of hatching in order to make the shadows denser.

It was a bit difficult to do, wasn’t it? It was crucial to pay all attention to the contour of the face, and also to the eyes. These two aspects are the most important factors when drawing anime. This is true for drawing any character regardless of gender or age.
So, we hope you’ve got an amazing portrait. Be sure to send a note to us if you encounter any problems drawing!

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