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How to Draw an Anime Girl’s Head and Face

This video tutorial will show you how to draw manga or anime girls’ faces and heads from both the sides and front views.


Anime girl face drawing step by step

Before drawing, it’s best to sketch out the key characteristics of the animation style.

The majority of female anime characters tend to have large eyes, small mouths noses, chins and noses, and a face that is quite round. The lips are generally extremely thinly defined or not drawn even. Hair tends to be drawn in clumps rather than individual strands and is often drawn as the appearance of spiky hair.

If you draw using pencil and paper, be sure to draw thin lines during the first instructions because you’ll have to erase some areas later.

If you’d like to draw an anime that is more realistic in appearance character, check out these steps:

How to Draw a Realistic Anime Face Step by Step

Step 1 – Drawing The Head

Anime girl head drawing

Start your drawing by tracing the outline of your head. For a detailed explanation of the order in which you draw and general drawing tips, refer to:

Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga

Draw a line vertically across the middle of your head for the view from the front to ensure you have both faces equal.


Create a circle or lighter oval for the front view, and an extended oval in the back view. This will assist you in getting the form that you want to see from the top of your head.

To see the front, you can draw two lines from the circle/oval that curvature to join on the lower chin.

To view the side, there is a kind of indent to the eyes and nose. Draw the nose around halfway between the lower part of your chin (covered more in Step 3.) as well as the center of your head. Draw straight lines from the tip of your nose downwards towards the lower cheeks (details about the shape of your mouth are included in the 5th step). For the side view, you can draw a line upwards from the chin and then curve back towards the place of the ears in order in order to form a lower jaw.

For both perspectives, draw the chin down small and nearly pointy, but with a slight curve towards the bottom.


Anime girl head shape drawing

In the above illustration, you can clearly see the fundamental curvature and shape of an anime or manga-style head.

Step 2 – Drawing the Ears

Anime girl ears drawing

To position, the ears, first, trace a vertical line straight through the middle of the head. Then draw a second line that is between it with the lower chin. Draw the ears in between the two lines.

To ensure the side view of the ears, they should be slightly more to the rear of the head in comparison to the front.

Because your ears are covered with hair in the next step, we will not go into drawing the inner features of their ears. However, if you’d like to know more about drawing anime ears, check out:

  • How to Draw Anime and Manga Ears
  • How to Draw Anime Cat Girl Ears Step by Step

Step 3 – Drawing the Eyes

Anime girl eyes drawing

To position the eyes on the head, you can draw this same horizontal line to locate the top portion of the ear. Draw the eyes beneath this line. The size of the eyes in anime will vary depending on the kind of character and style, therefore there’s no certain how to position the bottom part.


If you draw both views simultaneously, ensure that the position of the lower areas of your eyes on both perspectives is similar. The most common mistake that beginner artists often create when drawing the same face from different angles is that they are misaligned or have faces that are different sizes.

Note that for this step of drawing it is possible to draw a simpler eye shape and save the details for an additional step (covered in step 7).

For more information on drawing female anime, check out:

How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial

To draw different kinds of eyebrows, see:

How to Draw Anime Eyes and Eye Expressions

Step 4 – Drawing the Nose

Anime girl nose drawing

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to place your face between horizontally halfway points of your face and the base of the chin.

In the front view, you can draw the nose like an outline when looking from the sides.. anime nose is typically tiny and pointed.

For other instances of anime-themed noses from various perspectives, you can check out:

Step 5 – Drawing the Mouth

Anime girl mouth drawing

The mouth is more difficult to locate since you’ll need to know the exact position of the lip’s bottom in order to achieve it. Keep in mind that in manga and anime, the mouth itself is typically not drawn in front that the character.

The bottom lip is placed in between your nose and the lower part of the cheek. The mouth should be slightly higher than the other.

You can draw the mouth using two or one line (really just one line, with a gap in the middle to allow for an aspect from the side). If you are looking for a more relaxed or friendly appearance, you can draw it using some curves.

Anime girl mouth side view drawing

In the image above, you can see that the first straight line drawn starting from the tip of the nose all the way to the chin could be used to help draw your lips.

Step 6 – Drawing The Hair

Anime girl hair drawing

Add hair.

Be aware that the hair may overlap with other characteristics of the face. It is an excellent idea to draw them out particularly since they might be noticeable if you decide on a different style of hair. You can erase any areas that are obscured by the hair after you’re finished.

In this phase, you should just draw out the main pieces of the hair clumps and not include any of the tiny details within the hair. Try to vary the clumps slightly in form and direction to give your hair an authentic look.

For more information about manga hair drawing and manga drawing, go to:

Step 7 – Drawing the Smaller Details of the Face & Finishing the Line Drawing

Anime girl line drawing

At this point, you are able to remove the areas of the face that are covered by hair, and then add the details that are smaller to the eyes, such as pupils, eyelashes, and highlights. It is also possible to shade the eyelashes and add additional details to your hair.

When drawing your eyes, you can outline your highlights (reflections that reflect light) using very light lines, so that when you shade your eyes, you do not accidentally shade them too.

After you’re done, you should be able to draw a complete line sketch of an anime girl’s facial and head.

This is technically a complete drawing that you are able to keep as-is, but If you’d like to go just a bit further, then you can go to the next step of the shading.

Anime girl facial features drawing

The finished line drawing of facial features that aren’t hair-free is shown in the above illustration.

Step 8 – Applying Shading

Anime girl face drawing

You could add some simple shading to help it stand out more.

Animation employs what is called “Cel” style shading (basically shading that does not have gradients) that allows shading fair to be fast and simple.

The method by which the shading is done can be determined by two factors. There are two types of areas that will be affected. areas that are naturally darker and areas with shadows cast upon them.

Darker Areas

In general, you should shade the hair as well as the iris in the eyes (leave the highlights clear). The pupils should be darkened and the area above the iris made darker.

For more specific examples of hair that is shading, look here:

How to Shade Anime Hair Step by Step

Make sure to leave a white section within the hair for the hair’s highlight. For more details on drawing these areas, refer to:

Different Ways to Draw Anime Hair Highlights

In Shadow Areas

The method by which shadows are cast will depend on the source of light. To make this tutorial, we’ll go using very “generalized” lighting conditions where shadows are typically directed downwards.

In this instance, it is the case that shadows (top to the bottom) are:

  • Forehead Hair
  • Eyelids because them being indented inside the forehead (less light can reach)
  • The Top of the Eyes From the mascara (somewhat optional ) and may be too tiny to even be noticed)
  • Nose to one side
  • “Below Mouth” (optional) (optional) – from the lips
  • Neck – from the head

To learn how to shade anime faces under different lighting conditions, refer to:

If you’d like to colorize your character, look at:

  • Beginner Guide to Picking Colors When Drawing Anime & Manga
  • How to Color an Anime Character Step by Step


This tutorial gives general guidelines to draw an anime or manga-style female face. For tips for drawing anime-style female figures, check out:



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