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How to Draw an Anime Girl

This tutorial will teach you how to draw an anime woman. This guide will assist you in learning the basics of anime art.

We all know anime is the home of distant Japan. There were many works such as “No Longer Human”, “Spirited Away”, “Your Name”, “Princess Mononoke”, and others works.

What unites them all is their unique style? It’s a unique style! You instantly recognize that this anime is when you see a character with bright hair and big eyes in a Japanese setting.

We will be learning how to draw anime girls, and we can imagine our character as the future heroine in another anime masterpiece. Did you present? Now, present!

How to draw an anime girl

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

The centerline is the base of any anthropometric figure. It acts as a spine and a guiding vector. This line will allow us to visualize the character’s growth. The anime girl will be tall and slim, but not too athletic. We will place arbitrary ovals along the centerline. The position of the head will be determined by the highest. It can be tilted slightly to the right. This will create the illusion that the character is in a particular pose.




Step 2: Sketch the Arms & Legs

The shoulder joints and forearms can be defined by drawing thin lines. These guidelines will shape the arms as you know. Draw the elbow and shoulder with a bold point. These points will visually help us determine the length and proportions of the arm. Next, draw the legs using simple lines and dots.




Step 3: Sketch the Facial Guidelines & Torso

Two simple lines are enough to draw the facial guidelines. The intersection of lines should not be in the center but slightly below. This intersection is necessary for the correct placement of facial details. With a few smooth lines, draw the outline of your torso. The waist should be tapered at the torso.




Step 4 – Increase Volume in the Arms

You can draw parallel lines around joints. Do not draw parallel lines. Then draw the hands. The first is lowered and the second rests at the waist. Remember that anime has a tradition where the male and female figures are markedly different.




Step 5: Sketch the legs

Sketch the legs in the same manner as the arms. You should use modified cylinders to draw the lower and upper legs.  Next, sketch your feet.




Step 6 – Draw your eyes

Big eyes are an essential and fundamental detail in any anime character. Draw two large circles just below the edges of your head oval. Draw the eyelashes above them. With short lines, draw the eyebrows. Draw the nose using a dot, and mark the mouth using a very small line.




Step 7 – Draw the Anime Girl’s Hair

We will end up with two loose ponytails. Now we will draw the middle part of the hair. Make sure to trace the contours of your jaw using a few lines.




Step 8 – Draw Ponytails for the Anime Girl

There is nothing difficult – you can just play with the lines. Use light movements to draw long lines like the one below. Each line drawn is not a hair. It is a trajectory of hair tufts’ direction, which determines the volume and relief.




Step 9 – Draw the top of the clothing

To decorate the collar of your suit, make two inverted triangles. Draw a bow in the area around the neckline. The outline of your body should be the same as the outline of your clothes.




Step 10 – Draw your arms of the anime girl

You must trace the lines that define the sleeves. We will need to trace the lines that define the sleeves.  As shown in the example, make the line wavey. You will need to separate the cuffs using a line.




Step 11 – Draw the Hands for the Anime Girl

Draw the hands using the guidelines you have just sketched. Note that one hand is located at the waist and the other slightly clenched. This is why the right and left hands are drawn in different ways.




Step 12 – Draw your Skirt

The fabric’s movement should be highlighted by the folds. Your drawn anime character can be dressed in any outfit.




Step 13 – Detail your legs

To give the legs a more detailed look, trace them using long flowing lines. The legs should taper from the hips to your knees. Next, the calf muscles should be slightly wider.



Step 14 – Draw your Feet

To have fun with her friends, our heroine will need lightweight shoes. These shoes are so simple. These shoes take up very little space on the drawing. Let’s draw a straight line from the heel to the toes.




Step 15 – Delete the Guidelines

You can give the drawing a more manga-style look by tracing it. We will again clearly mark the lines. 




Step 16 – Color the anime girl’s drawing

You can also create your own color scheme. To make anime girls’ drawings more vibrant, you can add shadows.



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