How to draw an Anime Girl with COLORED Pencils

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

Pelican Drawing easy Step by Step

Step 1

cheeks and cheeks and. Use the long wires of two that connect with sharp edges to create hair strands.

Step 2

Draw a long, curved line that forms your head’s top. Next, draw additional lines that intersect in sharp spots. Draw two lines beneath the head to create the neck.

Step 3

Utilize a curving line to draw an elongated shape on the other aspect of your face. Draw a small rectangle over the head. In each of the corners, you should draw lines to connect this rectangle with the head. Next, draw lines through the middle of each shape.

Step 4

Draw a square within one that covers with the front of your head. Delete previous lines if necessary. Connect two squares by making lines across their edges. Line the sides on the squares by straight lines across their length. Draw a curving lines from your square up to the neck, creating the head’s design.

Step 5

Draw two triangles that are curved below the neck to create the collar. Draw lines that are parallel to the edges. Draw a circle around the triangles , to create your tie’s knot. Then, you can stretch two lines of curly lines to create the lanyard.

Step 6

Draw curved lines on the shoulders and the torso. Create a curly line on each shoulder and then tie it by slicing it. Draw a small rectangle over the chest, and draw an uncurved line below it, which indicates the pocket.

Step 7

Expand curved lines along each shoulder, creating arms. On one side, draw curving lines to mark the fabric of the sleeves. Draw lines and circles over it. If you want to draw lines in the reverse direction draw the same thing however, but this time extend the lines downwards to show the long, flowing fabric in the sleeves. Utilize curvatures and “U” shapes to draw the shape of a fist that is clenched.

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