In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach the steps to draw an anime-style girl. We know you are a fan of these kinds of drawings, and we hope that you will appreciate this tutorial.


Step 1

First, we must be aware of the character we’re creating. The figure is thin, a teenage girl who attended high school. In the following, we will look at these traits of the persona of the Stickman. The distinctive features of our figure are the big head and a fixed position and a broad pelvis, paired with a narrow shoulder.



Step 2

In this stage, we’ll also go through the basics. We begin by drawing the lower edge of the eyes with a horizontal line. Be aware of the fact that it is higher than the conditional central part of the face. Don’t forget to mention the vertical line standard that divides the head into two equally sized sections.

Then, we’ll work on the body. The pelvis and chest with an elegant pair of lines, as we did in our illustration. Following that, we are able to join the body and head by using a neck cylinder that is narrow.


Step 3

There’s something we do not have in a fully-fledged silhouette, isn’t it? Sure. They are the limbs of our character. Let’s sketch graceful arms and round legs. Utilize truncated cylinders with smooth shrinking. Hands and feet appear like tiny angular forms.


Step 4

This is why we continue our tutorial on drawing anime girls. You can add a few additional details to make an anime-inspired drawing. In this section, we draw the vast outline of the eyes of anime. We draw the hairstyle’s contours. Use sharp lines. Be sure to refer to the guidelines in the second step.


Step 5

It’s time to start working on your clothes, isn’t it? It’s possible to imagine any outfit that you would like to dress your character from anime in reality. If you’re planning to make something similar to the one we have You can draw how you would like to wear a smaller shirt, long sleeves as well as an acute angle collar that has a bow. Don’t forget to draw out the contours of your stockings as well as small lapels that are located on the distal part of the sleeves.


Step 6

We now have a finished silhouette. This means we are able to begin working on those final details. The process will take place from head to foot. So, in this stage, we will sketch the final features of the facial features. Be aware of the big and beautiful anime eye as well as the tiny lines that show the other characteristics of this cartoon face.


Step 7

Okay, we are able to sketch your body as an anime model. Make up your own outfits that you like. We chose to design a uniform for school featuring a stunning collar and a longbow. Don’t forget to include little details such as the clavicle lines as well as the creases that are on the fabric.


Step 8

In this stage, we’ll sketch how our character’s hands are drawn. Remember that we’re drawing a schoolgirl, therefore the hands should be tiny hands. Be aware of the different sizes of fingers. Fingers should be placed on those index fingers. Make sure to read our detailed tutorial on drawing cartoon hands. It will help you greatly with this challenging step.


Step 9

Repeat the steps of the previous step but only using the pelvic region as well as the lower legs. Repetition the steps from the previous step, but only with the pelvic region and the lower legs. Then we sketch the final design of the outfit which in our case it’s a skirt, high-quality stockings, and shoes. Don’t forget the important details, for example, pleats in the skirt’s vertical direction and buckles on the back of your shoes.


Step 10

Make sure to add some shadows. Shadows that are light are an excellent way to bring more completeness and real-world appeal to the drawing. To create a shadow, you can apply a light single-layer hatching. It is possible to first draw the lines of the area that you want to be shaded, then apply them to hatch.


We hope that you find this article useful. We’re waiting for your feedback and questions on our social media channels. Don’t forget the value of your comments is our best thank you to us.


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