How to Draw an Anime Girl in a Mask Step by Step

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This tutorial shows you how to draw an anime woman wearing a surgical mask and a hoodie. It takes just fifteen steps.

Anime girl in mask drawing step by step

For many reasons, anime characters can wear a face masks. They may be ill and need to cover their face in order to prevent the spread of germs. They may also wear it to conceal their faces, which is common in anime. They can be worn by “delinquent” or “punk” characters to make them more intimidating.

This tutorial will focus on the “idol” or regular girl-type character. The tutorial below will show you how to draw a delinquent-style character. How to Draw Toes & Toenails on a Foot in 4 Steps

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The hoodie is an excellent choice for this character’s clothing. They will likely wear it when they are sick (as comfortable clothing) or when they need to cover their face (with the Hood).

This tutorial will show you how to draw the mask and hoodie, as well as for instructions for drawing facial features and hair. These tutorials may be familiar if you have previously used AnimeOutline.

Start the tutorial on paper by drawing in pencil. You will need to make light lines as you move through the steps.

Step 1: Draw the top of the “Mask Girl” head

Anime girl in mask head top drawing

Begin by drawing a straight vertical line across the center of your page. This will help you determine if the widths of both sides of your head/face are fairly equal. This line should be straight. It can also cause problems with the rest of your drawing.

Draw a circle representing the top portion of your head towards the center line. You should leave some space above the center line for your hair, and a bit below for your neck and shoulders.


Step 2: Draw the bottom of the head

Anime girl in mask head bottom drawing

Continue to the bottom of the circle and add the lower half of the head. This anime character will be quite small. The example shows the breaking up of the shape with the line segments.

The lines that define the lower portion of the head will be straight, with a slight curve at the bottoms. They will be bent inwards towards their middle. The next set of curves will include a pair of straight lines, followed by another set of straight lines (angled further inwards), which join with the curve at the chin.

Step 3 – Draw your neck and shoulders

Anime girl in mask neck and shoulders drawing

Draw the shoulders and neck down from the lower face. The line segments show the breakdown of their shapes.

The necklines will be nearly straight, with a slight curve at each end. These should then be merged into the shoulder muscles by a pair of curvy segments, followed by curves in the shoulders.

Step 4 – Draw your eyes

Anime girl in mask eyes drawing

You can place the eyes by dividing the head horizontally in half and drawing them below the halfway point.

You can leave any details that are not essential for this stage. These details will be added later.

Anime girl in mask eyes drawing spacing

Place your eyes so they are spaced apart so that another can be placed between them.

Step 5 – Draw your Ears

Anime girl in mask ears drawing

The ears of this character will be drawn quite low on the head. These can be placed by drawing two curved lines similar to the ones used for eyes. The first one will go down at the same point as the eyes, and the second one will go halfway between the chin and the eye.

Between these curves, draw the outline of your ears. You don’t have to draw their inner details like the ears will almost be covered by hair.

The following tutorial will show you how to draw their inner details and an alternative way to place them.


How To Draw Manga Ears

Step 6 – Draw your Eyebrows

Anime girl in mask eyebrows drawing

The eyebrows should be drawn slightly above the eyes. They will be thicker in this instance towards the middle of your face.

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Step 7 – Draw a Mask

Anime girl in mask on face drawing

There is no need to draw the lines as they will be covered by the nose/mouth.

These tutorials will help you draw anime-style noses and moths.

  • Drawing Manga Mouths Tutorial
  • How To Draw Manga and Anime Noses

At this stage, draw the outline of the mask. Next, add the straps around the ears. You won’t be able to see the lower portion of the straps, but you can add a couple of small bumps at the corners of the main mask to indicate that it is being pulled.

Step 8 – Frontal Hairstyle

Anime girl in mask hair front drawing

The hair of this character will be quite short. Because anime hair can be complicated to draw, it will be divided into three stages.

This approach is described in more detail here:


Draw the front section of your hair in the red example. The hair will have a large clump that hangs down and a split at its bottom. This part of the hair should be swept to one side.

Step 9 – Draw your hair on the sides

Anime girl in mask hair sides drawing

Add the sections shown in green to the sides of your hair. These two large clumps will curvature around the head in a somewhat huggable fashion. The longer ones will curve towards their tips. These sections should be drawn directly over the head/ears/mask outline.

Step 10 – Draw your hair in the back

Anime girl in mask hair back drawing

Add the blue background/top portion of the hair. It should be drawn slightly further away from the head at the top, and closer to the side. It should be arranged in a series of small clumps near the bottom. These should be drawn in a variety of sizes and curving in random directions to give the hair a natural look.

After you have finished adding hair, you can easily erase any areas that are not covered.

You can remove all traces of hair from the ears/masks/head once you are done with this section.

Step 11 – Draw the small details of the Face

Anime girl in mask face details drawing

This stage is where you need to make sure that your overall drawing is clear. If necessary, add details about the mask and face.

These will be the faces

  • Just a hint of eyebrows just above the eyes
  • You will need a couple of eyelashes per eye (you can add black to the eyelashes)
  • The inner details of the eyes (pupils/highlights).
  • The inner details of the ears are revealed by the small curves at the top of their ears.

You will need to outline the area surrounding the mask and make several folds.

Step 12 – Draw your Hoodie

Anime girl in mask hoodie drawing

The hoodie’s hood will be down in this image. Its bottom should be drawn as two curves. These curves then transition into simple folds on each side, followed by downwards curves that go behind the neck.

Draw the opening using a shape that looks a bit like a heart.

Add the drawstrings to the middle of the hood. These can be trimmed to remove a little of the hood’s outline. The strings will then hang straight down.

Add the outline of the eyelets to the base of your strings. They are generally round, but they can be viewed at an angle and are drawn as a pair.

Add the tips to the ends of your drawing strings. These should be slightly wider than the string.

Step 13 – Make the Hoodie Details

Anime girl in mask line drawing

Add more folds to make the hoodie look less flat. These should be placed in the middle of your hood, and one below the strings.

After you’re done, trace over the lines to darken them. However, don’t darken any of the highlights.

Step 14 – Color

Anime girl in mask drawing coloring

This is a very simple step. Fill in the areas with color.

The girl will have purple hair and eyebrows, as well as eyes that are covered with a yellow hoodie. As surgical masks are often light-colored, the mask will be light blue.

Make sure you leave the highlights white. You can also erase the outlines. A few highlights can be added to the hair. You can either outline them before coloring them or just color them. These can be added to the color by drawing digitally or using a white correction pen.

Step 15 – Finish the drawing by adding shading

Anime girl in mask drawing

Finish the drawing by adding basic shading. It’s important to consider the lighting conditions that will affect the character before you start shading.

As with other tutorials on AnimeOutline, the girl will be drawn in a common lighting setting such as a room well lit or outside. In such a setting, most of the light will come from above. This means that shadows tend to be at the bottom of the room or in areas with an inwards curve (or indent) that receive less light.

You can also darken certain areas of your drawing, regardless of the shadows. These areas would be the eyebrows and pupils, as well as the upper parts of your iris.

The following distribution of the shadows will take place:

  • The eyelids
  • Below the eyelashes, along the upper portion of the eyes (cast by eyelashes).
  • The hair should be swept down to the sides and below the middle.
  • On the neck (cast from the head).
  • The inner side of your hoodie
  • The folds of your hoodie

After you have finished shading, you can move on to the next step.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, face masks can be worn by anime characters for many reasons. Although the mask is simple, the tutorial covers many other aspects such as drawing the hair and clothing.

We hope you found this drawing guide useful and the instructions simple to follow. You can also find similar tutorials at the following:

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