In one of the earlier tutorials, the team at taught us how to draw male anime figures We will now demonstrate ways to draw females in anime characters. The basic principles for creating a female and male body are similar, but there are some distinct differences that we discuss in depth in this tutorial on drawing the body of a female anime character.


Step 1

To accurately depict an anime female character To properly depict a female anime figure, first, we sketch the skull. Start by drawing the head. drawing it in the shape of an egg-shaped shape. Be aware that female heads will be more narrow at the chin. Then trace a line across the spine, and then place on top of it a rib cage and pelvis. The hips in a female form should be larger than the shoulders. By drawing simple lines, you can draw lines on legs and arms.



Step 2

On the head, draw the head with a crosshair. This will allow us to sketch the facial features in detail. The next step is to outline the neck and torso to create a narrow outline. One of the major differences between a female and a male figure is that female figures should be significantly narrowed at the waist, and then dramatically expanding at the hips.


Step 3

With the aid in the form of figures that are cylindrical for the forearm and upper arm and balls for elbows and shoulders, show arm muscles of the female. In continuation of the torso, lines show the hips wide which narrow at the knees. They are then slightly enlarged in the area of the muscles of the calf.


Step 4

Utilizing simple lines and light colors draw the eyes using simple lines, guided by the lines drawn from the previous stage. Then with a pair of simple lines, draw the mouth and nose. Draw the outline of the hairstyles of anime. Then, move to the body and draw the toes and fingers. The sketch of the anime girl’s body is complete and now it’s time for you to work on finishing the details.


Step 5

Then, using clean as well as dark-colored lines meticulously draw the expressive and large eyes, including pupils and simple eyebrows. Next, trace the sharp mouth and nose. Then draw the hair with all details, just as it is drawn by the artists from Grab an eraser and take away any unnecessary guidelines off the hair of the anime girl.


Step 6

In the same direction, as you continue with the line of your head, trace the neck. It then moves through the body. Be sure to carefully trace the various details of the torso as the drawings of our artists. While drawing the torso take note of the form of the bones and muscles under the skin. Finish the sixth step by removing any unnecessary guides from the body.


Step 7

Following the shoulder lines and carefully trace the upper arms. Take care when drawing anime hands. Take note that typically female arms are smaller than male arms. Complete the seventh step of the instructions on drawing an anime body by eliminating any unnecessary guidelines off the upper body.


Step 8

In the eighth step where we draw the form in the form of an anime character. Following the lines of the torso carefully draw the legs and hips. Finish this step using an eraser, taking out the remaining guidelines while making anime girls’ legs neat and tidy.


Step 9

The ninth step of the tutorial on drawing anime girls will be dedicated to finishing touches or more specifically, to shadows. The first step is to determine the source of light, and then mark the areas you’ll be adding shadows. After that, fill in the areas of shade with hatching, as the artists at did.


Utilizing the instructions to learn the drawing of an anime female body it is easy to draw any anime character. Now try drawing anime female characters from different perspectives as well as additional clothing and other aspects. If you found this article useful and enjoyable for you, then please share it with people who are too interested in the subject of anime. We’re waiting for your updates on our social media networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Deviantart.


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