how to draw an anime face

In the first tutorials, we from the staff at explained how to draw the anatomy of an anime, and, in the next installment of this series, we will demonstrate ways to draw an anime-inspired face.

This easy-to-follow guide comprises eleven steps, even the least experienced artist will be able to master drawing the face of an anime.

What exactly are you going to need to draw an anime character? The first thing you need is of course a pencil and paper or a tablet with graphics. Then, there is your desire to master drawing anime characters. If everything is in place and you’re ready to start, let’s get going!


Step 1

To draw an anime-style face, you must first design an outline of the head. The shape should resemble an oval or an exact geometric shape similar to an egg.




Step 2

To be able to sketch an animation face we’ll draw an auxiliary line. The first step is to draw an arc of vertical lines, and then put your eyes lines over the vertical line. In the same way, create an eye’s neck.




Step 3

Then, between two lines drawn during the earlier stage, draw your upper lids. They should be more pronounced in the angles. Make two ovals or circles to form pupils.




Step 4

In front of the eyes make eyebrows that are either slim or thick, such as the illustration by artists from Apply a few strokes to make a mouth and nose.




Step 5

Inside the eyes, show the pupils as round and above them, a few folds. Next, show the ears the top of which is located at the top of the eyelids and the lower part on the edge of the tip of your nose.




Step 6

Then draw lines in the ears, similar to what the artists from used in the image below. The ears can differ in shape, so you could create a different design.




Step 7

Let’s create the hairstyle of anime. We’ll start with a bang and create it using the long lines. We created a long and straight bang, however, you can create a totally distinct bang.




Step 8

Then let’s go to the top of the page and draw hair with long, straight lines. As previously mentioned, the hair drawn in anime is often fundamentally different from the sketch created by the artists from




Step 9

This is the most simple and most important step of instruction on drawing cartoon faces. We need to draw the jaw to appear more sharp and angular.




Step 10

Set aside the pencil, and then take an eraser. Use it to clean the entire piece of art of all excessive lines. Now, using the darker pencil or ink trace the face of the anime drawing to make it more attractive and beautiful.




Step 11

Now is the time to paint your anime face. Paint the hair, face, and eyes in any shade. Don’t forget to apply shadows to the face of the anime, and also an angular look to the eyes.




We walked very easily and confidently reached the end of the tutorial on drawing faces for anime. Tell us about the anime illustrations and instructions you would like to study with We will read your feedback and will respond to a lot of them.

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