How To Draw An Anime Dog Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Although there are many different kinds of characters and styles throughout the show, it’s usually stylized and over-exaggerated.

It will be the same of the style we’ll do in this video tutorial for drawing illustrations of a dog from anime. In the beginning for this lesson, we’ll focus on the head of this dog as well as facial features.

For the bottom of the face, we’ll apply tiny jagged lines. They are used to create a more aged.

You may trace the edge of the head , and they’ll grow to big, pointed ears that can be drawn using smaller lines.

In the end, we’ll create a curly, large bun that extends across the center of your ears and over the face. This is all there is to do , and then you’re ready to move on to another step.

Step 2 – Draw some particulars of the face and the glasses that it is wearing.
You’ve completed the initial sketch, but in this second section of your cartoon dog drawing you’ll be adding certain details as well as interior elements.

Then, we’ll draw some glasses that it will be wearing. The glasses will be drawn with a series of circles at to the crown of your head. after that, you can draw one smaller circle inside each circle.

Use some curves on the straps, which are thin, to secure them to your head.

The next step is to draw the eyes of the dog. The way anime is normally done the eyes would be enormous and expressive.

Draw a tiny triangle to represent the nose, and then draw some curving lines to the base of the mouth. Then, add some details to what’s inside the ears. And then , we’ll move on.

Step 3 – Draw the beginning position of legs as well as the the torso
The dog’s head has been drawn and, in the third part of the drawing an anime dog guide the focus will be upon the body. We’ll first sketch the pins on front.

The pose we see on the dog in shows him moving his front paws forward and leg lines are drawn using simple curves, with tiny lines that are jagged to add fur.

In the final step, you are able to sketch the rear of your dog. It will be drawn using an easy curved line that extends upwards, as illustrated in the image of reference. It’s time to move on to step 4.

Step 4 – Then Draw the legs behind
If we continue with this dog anime drawing, we’ll now include the dog’s hind legs. Begin by drawing an arc using only one curving line that extends from the dog’s back and ending at his belly.

Then draw a long thin, round design behind the foot’s bottom.

Complete this part by drawing smaller circles for your feet, before moving to the final design during the following step.

Step 5 – Add the last details to your drawing of your dog anime
To finish the design prior to going to the final step in this tutorial on anime dogs We will add the large bushy tail.

This is drawn using multiple pointed curves in order that they join with each other and form the whole tail.

After you’ve installed this extension, you’ll have the option to add additional details and suggestions that you have!

It’s amusing to draw the background in order to depict the various adventures this dog from anime might be having. What kinds of setting would you imagine this pet would be?

Step 6 – Complete your cartoon dog’s drawing using color
You can now finish the drawing of a dog in anime fashion as you add colors! The characters of anime are typically colorful, however they may also be mysterious in appearance.

This is the second method that we used in our image as a reference.

We chose beautiful browns to coat the dog’s coat We then used gold as the straps for the goggles and blue lenses.

When coloring your own art Do you think you’ll choose the same hues or do you go for a bolder, more bright hue? What ever you decide to choose will look stunning and we’re eager to see it!

You’ve completed your Anime Dog drawing is done!
You’ve finished this lesson on the art of drawing an anime-style dog elegantly and now you’re aware of all you need to know about making this stunning illustration!

We hope that this is an enjoyable and effortless experience for you to take the steps that we’ve laid out.

Once you’ve finished this tutorial, make sure you add any suggestions and ideas that you think of!

You could even use what you’ve learned from this site to create your individual animal anime characters!

You can also go to our website to gain access to our growing library of drawing tutorials that you can take advantage of!

Regularly checking in is the best method to be sure you don’t miss anything important.

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