How to Draw an Anime Cat Step by Step -

How to Draw an Anime Cat Step by Step

How to Draw an Anime Cat Step by Step

This step-by-step guide illustrates the drawing process for drawing a sitting, anime cat or kitten in the front with illustrations to illustrate each of the steps.


Anime cat drawing step by step

Be aware that there will appear to be a few visible lines through the various steps of the tutorial, as various parts of the body of the cat are drawn over each other. These lines can be erased after each step prior to going on to the next one.

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Step 1 – Anime Kitten Head & Body Proportions

Anime cat head body drawing

It’s a bit more difficult to determine precise proportions when drawing anime animals, but generally, anime animals have larger heads and bodies in relation to their bodies similar to human characters in anime.

Before drawing the cat, draw an arc of vertical lines through the middle of what will eventually as the animal’s body. Draw the line just a little towards one side of the drawing area to allow room for the tail to grow at the next step.

The vertical line may assist in ensuring that both parts of your body have an approximate length.

Draw the outline of the head as close as an oval, but larger towards the lower part of the head.

Draw the body in a similar shape as a drop of water, however with a flat bottom.


Step 2 – Draw the Legs, Tail, and Ears

Anime cat legs, tail, and ears drawing

Draw the outline of the ears, which is like triangles.

For a more stylized and anime style, draw the legs shorter and longer than for the real cat.

Add the tail.

Step 3 – Draw the Cats’ Face

Anime cat face drawing

Before drawing the cat’s face, make a line horizontal along the face to make sure that the eyes are at an equal level.

Draw the face of the cat in the usual anime style with eyes that are bigger than normal and a smaller mouth and nose.

  • Draw the eyes using very big irises (almost the entire side of the eye).
  • Draw the pupils in an oval pair that is vertical.
  • Make sure to reflect some light inside the eye (a larger one for the primary light source, and a smaller one for the secondary light source).
  • Draw the nose in the shape of a triangle, with corners rounded.
  • Draw the mouth in an upside-down “Y” shape.
  • Draw the front of your ears with a slight overlap with the crown of your head.

Step 4 – Draw the Major Fur Clumps

Anime cat fur drawing

Draw the fur of the cat in large clumps, similar to the hair of a character from anime.

The largest clumps are on the lower sides of the cat’s head (kind of similar to cheeks) as well as on the neck, the ends of tails, and on the chest (where especially fluffy cats tend to sport hair).

Draw the clumps in slightly different directions, and with different sizes to make them look more natural.

Step 5 – Draw the Whiskers & Paws

Anime cat paws and whiskers drawing

Draw the whiskers in the mouth and over the eyes. Then draw some gorgeous lines on the paws to reveal the toes that are unique to each.

Step 6 – Draw Some Small Fur Clumps

Anime cat small fur clumps drawing

In order to make your cat’s style to be a bit softer, you could also add smaller clumps scattered throughout its body. The areas where fur sticks out to form a cat’s area typically curves within its body.


Step 7 – Apply Color

Anime cat coloring

In this instance, the cat will be primarily white, but you can choose any color you prefer.

Kittens typically have blue/grey eyes when they’re younger, so you might need to color them accordingly.

Also, make sure to color the inside of your ears to make them pink since they typically have a lot of hair leaving the skin obvious.

Step 8 – Add Shading

Anime cat drawing

The shadows will vary based on the source of light, but typically, the light will be from above, so you can put the shadow on the bottom of the image if you require simple shading.

Draw the shadows as if drawing a line along with the form on the feline’s back.


There are numerous variations of the anime style, especially when drawing animals, as some tend to draw closer to animals than others have more human-like characteristics.

If you require assistance drawing animals from anime, it could be beneficial to check out some real animals and the artwork by another artist.

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