How to Draw an Anime Body

Do you need a guide regarding the drawing process for an anime figure? If yes then it is likely that you’ve found the answer you’ve been looking for! With this simple drawing tutorial, we’ll guide you through drawing an anime character easily and fast.

This guide typically consists of very basic steps, and all the modern lines were painted red to make it as simple as possible.


Step 1

In order to draw an anime figure correctly first, we must draw the Skeleton. Draw the chest, head, and pelvis in the shape of ovals. Also, depict the spine and limbs in lines. The anime girl is drawn in the form of lines so her shoulders must be wider than her pelvis.




Step 2

In the next stage of preparation, we’ll begin adding volume to the body of the anime. Start by drawing lines around the head, which will serve as guides to the features that make up the facial features. Then, connect the pelvis to the chest using a few curves making a beautiful and attractive torso.




Step 3

When drawing female anime figures and the arms must be noticeably smaller as compared to the legs. Utilizing the balls, draw joints as well as the limbs themselves, with the aid of cylindrical figures similar to what the artists of depicted in the image below.




Step 4

In the second phase, we made an auxiliary line of the face. With these lines, we can create expressive and large cartoon eyes here. By using a pair of dashes, draw the mouth and nose. In the final stage draw hair like the artists of did.




Step 5

Let’s dress the anime character right now. With just a few strokes, draw the components of clothing, just like those artists who sketched below. Make all the parts of the body appear more like natural things by connecting them with thin and smooth lines.




Step 6

Then, make the lower portion of the head sharper. Draw the pupils of the eyes. Make sure you have the hairstyles of the anime character. Armed with an eraser, you can clear your hair of all hairstyle guidelines. In addition, you could add additional details, like bows.




Step 7

In the seventh step, we’ll draw the torso and torsos of the cartoon. Like in the previous stage, we’ll need to draw the torso using ink or dark pencil. At the same time, it is important to eliminate the lines that are auxiliary.




Step 8

This tutorial will show you how to draw an anime figure with the help of an illustration of a female model. The arms shouldn’t have obvious muscles and the fingers must be extremely refined and clean. When you have traced the arms using an ink pen Make sure to take the guidelines off of the pencils.




Step 9

Because we’re sketching the figure of an anime model The legs must be puffier as compared to arms. Run the legs through with extremely straight lines, just as the artists from have done in their sketch. Remove all remaining lines of the body drawing of an anime.




Step 10

The time has come to paint the anime’s body. The body of anime is able to be painted in any shade that is natural, in a range of dark browns to lighter pinks, and in any color that is unusual like green or blue. It’s all about what you intend to portray as the real-life person or a fictional one.




We have shown the drawing process for an anime model with the help of an example female body. Try to draw an anime figure dressed in a particular outfit or in an alternative pose. The key is to practice and draw amazing drawings with the information in this guide.

If you’re looking to learn the art of drawing a manga body of a male make sure you contact us with your thoughts. We will read your feedback and we will reply to many of them.  how to draw anime clothes

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