How to Draw an Anime Animal

Users of frequently wanted to know what it takes to draw an animal from anime. We decided to illustrate it using the illustration of the adorable feline.

To begin the process of learning to draw the anime animals, you’ll require an art pencil using a pen, or a tablet for graphics. If the above is before you and you are ready to begin the process of learning how you can draw an animal from anime!


Step 1

Begin by drawing the head of an animated cat which looks like an egg-shaped shape. Try not to make your lines too dark in order not to hinder the process of making corrections during the next stages.




Step 2

Then, you can draw the body of the cat as an image that resembles an apple. With the smooth lines show the tail of an adorable animal.




Step 3.

With a couple of simple lines, draw the arms of an adorable cat. The cat is sitting, and its paws are placed in the most typical position for cats.




Step 4

The chest should draw hairs with the help of a few quick strokes. On the lower side show cute hind legs, just as did the artists from




Step 5

Then, show huge eyelashes that are expressive eyes. They are composed of eyes with almond-shaped pupils. Do everything the way the artists from did.




Step 6

Next, depict the insides that make up the pupil. Then, draw the mouth and nose as 3. In addition, you can also add whiskers.




Step 7

Then, at the top of your head, draw pointed ears. Make sure to show what is inside the ears like the artists from did.




Step 8

Take an eraser and eliminate all the instructions from the cartoon animal drawing. With ink or pencil, dark creates a cartoon cat drawing that is darker and more attractive.




Step 9

Then, take your favorite colors and color the anime animal with any shade. We chose purple to draw fur and green for the eyes. Make sure to color the nose pink, and to leave an icy glare on the eyelids.




You’ve waited for years to finally receive a tutorial on drawing cartoon animals. This team believes it was a breeze to draw, and even the least experienced artists were able to master the art of learning to draw an animal from anime.

How to Draw a Cat

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