How to Draw an Angry Dog Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How to draw smiley face Girl with Pencil

Step 1

Let’s begin with a simple circle for the head of the animal and then add facial guides.

Step 2

Begin to outline the foreheads of the dogs and make sure that there’s an impression between the heads which resembles two domes. The next step is to begin drawing eyes. As you draw, ensure that your eyes are drawn with a an extremely angry expression. Fill the pupils and draw the nose’s muzzle and the tip of the nose.

Step 3

When you are taking this procedure, you need ensure that you slow down since this dog’s mouth is open and shows every tooth. After expanding the mucosa in the mouth it is now time to draw the teeth’s top row.

Step 4

After you’ve drawn the mouth, it’s time to make the inside of it look like the sharpest of teeth that look like they can rip through anything. Do not forget to draw your back teeth on the upper line of your dog’s mouth.

Step 5

The only thing you need do is to paint the blade as this, then add details for texture to create stroke.

Step 6

You’re nearly done with the steps, which means that the drawing class is nearly over. The next step is to outline the rest of the head . that includes the nape, ears and chin, or lower jaw and also a portion of the neck of the dog behind the face. Be sure that the lining is smooth because, as you’ve probably guessed, canines have the coats, or even fur. Draw some lines on the surface, then move forward.

Step 7

For the drawing stage, I would like you to erase any mistakes and lines first and then draw the ear’s inner part and outline the tiny mounds that make up the muzzle and the entire hair on your dog’s head as well as neck.

Step 8

The end result is what your drawing will appear like. Then, colour the dog to finish it. I made use of shades to transform the dog’s fur into an German Shepherd because that’s what I have.

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