How to Draw an Angry Anime Girl Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

So, let’s get started as the cheerful girl. Begin by drawing the outline of the neck and head with the top left open for hair, as well as your guideline to determine its size.

Step 2

Begin drawing on the opposite side of curly hair as well as the long hair that is on the side of the ears. You could also draw ears.

Step 3.

Draw the remainder of the edges. A few tips are left open so that it does not obscure the eyes, since eyes are the most significant way to convey anger.

Step 4

Draw the remainder of hair. It’s tied to the rear to the front of the hair, and it’s important to draw lines to indicate how.

Step 5

Draw your shoulders in and the eyes. The lines beneath her eyes were a bit red as she attempted to keep her anger in check. The shoulders can also be slightly tilted in the same way. When you’re looking in 3/4-view the eye closest to you appears to be a little crossed.

Step 6

Add the mouth, nose and eyebrows! Don’t forget to include the two tiny lines that run along the bottom of the eyebrow closest to you, to increase the obvious anger that the persona.

Step 7

Okay!! you are done! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on an angry Manga girl. You are welcome to leave comments and I’m hoping to be able to give you more details in the near future!

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