How to Draw an Angel Girl

How to Draw an Angel Girl

Step 1:

Start with the rules for the perfect angel girl.

Step 2:

Begin to tackle your head, and also the flowing hair flowing in the direction of the lake.

Step 3:

Make sure to add some sludge drips from her forehead and face , then onto the skull’s guideline.

Step 4:

Draw the ribs as well as the skull.

Step 5:

After that, sketch lightly the ripples on the water.

Step 6:

Begin drawing the wings, beginning with the you are comfortable drawing first. I personally began with the angel wings and followed by the dragon wings.

Step 7:

Next, draw carefully the ripples emerging from the water.

Step 8:

When you’ve completed all the steps after that, you’ll be left with this. It was a challenging and enjoyable tute!

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