How To Draw An Angel Cross Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw SANJI from One Piece

Step 1

The initial process by drawing 2 forms along with instructions. The arms will be drawn with lines and head shapes and the torso.

Step 2
Draw the shape that her facial features have first. Then begin drawing her long glossy locks or curls.

Step 3
In this stage you’ll outline the facial features of her starting with her eyes, nose and mouth. I was having fun drawing her hair and face. This was definitely the most enjoyable part of the entire class for me. The addition of some detail to her hair isn’t much.

Step 4
As you draw her upper body you’ll also continue drawing additional hair. The angel’s hair never stops. This is due to the fact that I use the hair I have to hide her body. Include details on her padlock. Then draw the designs that are

Step 5
Now, all you need be doing is sketch the arms of her outstretched hands on paper, or whatever you draw could be. Draw her hand on the paper, and then move to the sixth step.

Step 6
Then, outline the legs and hips of her Then, draw her hips and legs as well as the feet. Then, create the banner, which is wrapped around her hips and then falls down to her body. Pay attention to that the flag falls onto her feet.

Step 7
The angel body is basically completed. The next step is drawing the first wing to the right. Start with the arm , or bone, and sketch the feathers as you would. Then, outline the smaller feathers.

Step 8
This is where you draw the third and second feathers to make the complete wings. Note how the wing turns inwards, by cupping.

Step 9
Repeat the exact process as during step 8. Make sure the feathers appear correct and even. Additionally, add the feather detail , and you’re finished.

Step 10
This step will be completed and also creating this angel with the last two feather layers. Make sure you take your time making your wings look beautiful.

Step 11
The final step all you need to do is draw the banner or the cloth that covers her lower half. Draw a few toes, then tidy up the sketch.

Step 12
Here’s how the angel will look after you’ve finished. Select a palette, and then begin coloring your angel according in the way you like.

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