How to Draw an Anchor

In this video tutorial, the team from will teach you what to draw when drawing anchors. This drawing is useful for those looking to draw an anchor on its own as a ship, or a tattoo.

This guideline is traditionally easy and will comprise nine basic stages including all the new lines that we have been able to paint red.

So what are you going to need in order to create an anchor? The process is simple since you can use the pencil using paper as well as the graphics tablet. If everything is in order now, let’s start!

Step 1

Then, sketch your sketch of the shank (vertical central portion) that anchors. Therefore, draw two lines, like the artists from in the image below.




Step 2

With a few curved lines show the crown (the part that sticks onto the earth) that anchors. The anchor’s arms should be tapering towards the edges.




Step 3

A very basic stage that shows what is the “stock” (bar in the middle) that anchors. It is used to supply anchors with a place on the ground where the palms are cut through the ground.




Step 4

The top of the page shows the ring with two semicircles. It is used to place rope inside the ring. It is possible to make the ring oval, round or square.




Step 5

Create palms on the ends of the anchor’s arms. They should gradually taper to the tips, so the anchor is able to cut through the ground below water.




Step 6

Now let’s draw an anchor. In our instance, the rope typically encircles the anchor in an arc. An anchor may be thick or thin, as in our instance.




Step 7

Now, let’s draw a texture over the surface of our rope. To achieve this, draw an extensive number of transverse lines, like the artists from in the image below.




Step 8

Then, use an eraser to remove any guidelines that were drawn on the sketch on the back of your anchor. Utilize an ink or pencil that is dark to draw your design so that it appears crisp and clear.




Step 9

Once the major lines are in place and the anchor is in place, it’s an ideal time to color the anchor. The anchor can be painted gray or black and the rope could be is brown.




You may have observed, that it was easy to master the art of drawing an anchor. Let us know your thoughts on the instructions. We read all of your comments and we will address a number of them.

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