American football is an unusual and fascinating game. It requires speed, agility, and strength. team wants to teach you how to draw an American football player.
Step 1
The skeleton will be used to draw a football player. Sketch out the outline of the oval head, and the spine. Draw the pelvis and chest along this line. Use simple lines to draw the arms and legs.
Step 2
Let’s now add muscle and flesh to our football player’s bodies. We draw a line to represent the eyes. Next, sketch the neck, and outline the torso that tapers at the waist. Next, draw the arms and legs using simple geometric figures.
Step 3
Let’s add some details to the drawing of the football player. Let’s first sketch out the large helmet in our example. Next, draw the details of the clothing that has large shoulders. Sketch out the outline of a distinctive, long-haired ball in the left hand.
Step 4
From this point on, we will be using dark and clear lines. The contours of the round helmet should be drawn with a mask on the front. Next, trace the outline of the nose, mouth, and eye. Make sure you remove all unnecessary lines from the head.
Step 5
Let’s now move down and draw the details of our torso. Begin by drawing the neckline and large shoulders. Next, draw the contours for the torso using the example. Use short strokes to draw folds where the fabric has been stretched or compressed.
Step 6
Let’s now move on to the arms of our footballer. Begin by drawing the outline of your arms using smooth and clear lines. Draw gloves and make the folds. To learn more, please visit our lesson How to Draw Hands.
Step 7
This is a simple step that will allow us to draw the legs of a football player. Draw the outline of the legs using long, smooth lines. Make sure to take into consideration the contours of the muscles beneath the clothing. Draw the required folds in the fabric and remove any unnecessary guidelines.
Step 8
The tutorial How to Draw an American Football Player is nearly complete. We need to first imagine the source of light. Next, take this into consideration and draw the shadows using smooth lines.

For artists with a lot of experience in drawing, it was a tough lesson. If you find this lesson too challenging category.

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