Today, we’ll continue the idea that we have drawn nuts. We wouldn’t have believed that this would be interesting to anyone. However, we can noticed that you’re attending our previous classes on this subject and that’s why we created a second drawing tutorial. Let’s begin and learn what it takes to draw the almond step by step!

Step 1

Then, we draw lines around the nuts. There is an oval figure that runs horizontally. One of the edges of this figure is extremely sharp.



Step 2

If you’ve seen an almond and noticed the way they are wrapped in extremely thin skin. We now need to draw this contour. It appears like a number of horizontal lines that are curving inside the contour created in the previous step.


Step 3

The final step of this tutorial on almonds will be similar to the one you have seen in many other tutorials on drawing. The focus will be on shadows. In this instance, the shadow is situated in the lower area of the nut, and also on the ground’s surface.


Nuts aren’t just an excellent source of protein and healthy fats they also provide fresh knowledge in the art of drawing. Nuts are very basic geometric shapes that drawing helps improve the skills of drawing lines. For instance, in this particular lesson, you will see many lines that are not even. You must be able to draw lines that are uneven, while at the same time, you must try to make the design of the lines clean and smooth. Furthermore, objects as simple as nuts could assist you in learning to draw shadows and mark the transitions.

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