How to Draw an Alien

How to Draw an Alien

This drawing guide will show you how to draw an alien. We can’t know for certain what aliens look like. We are still waiting for contact with aliens. Therefore, we can only rely on the legacy of great writers and fanatics. We chose to use the most famous and classic alien look.

Draw the Outlines for the Head and Torso

First, sketch the outline of the alien’s head and neck. The large head appears to be an oval with sharp edges. The head looks smaller than the chest and pelvis.

Sketch the Outlines for the Arms and Legs

Long, elongated sticks can be used to mark the extremities of the alien. Notice the unusually long arms. Draw small circles around joints.

Sketch Alien Eyes

Large, almond-shaped eyes are the hallmark of an alien’s traditional appearance. The nose and mouth are small, barely discernible lines.

Connect the Alien’s Pelvis and Chest

Connect the alien’s head to its torso using a long, thin neck. Connect the pelvis and chest with two gentle curves.

Sketch the Arms of an Alien

The hands’ final outline should be drawn. The elbow joints have a minimal extension, and all the rest of the arms curve downward. Do not make too many sharp bends. Instead, draw long, thin arms.

Draw the arms of the Alien

Drawing fingers is a difficult task. Drawing the hands is a lot easier because of the obvious deviations from the normal proportions. Our character’s toes reach almost to his knees.

Draw the legs of the Alien

Draw the legs of the alien with smooth, tapering, elongated forms. We can only see a very slight thickening in the upper thighs and shins.

Draw an Alien’s Feet

Draw your feet small. You can see that the feet are not as balanced as the palms. Don’t waste time on details that could lead to errors.

Color the Alien

Select the best color for this alien. It is light green in this case. You can choose from light blue, light grey, or any other color. Your drawing will look brighter if you have more highlights.

This drawing lesson teaches you how to draw an alien. We hope that you will achieve a realistic and cool result. If you have any questions, please email us. We will be able to work together! How to Draw a Raven

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