We have been drawing a lot of cars lately, and today’s lesson on how you draw an Alfa Romeo will be one of those. Alfa Romeo is an Italian producer of premium cars. It was established in Milan on June 24, 1910. The Alfa Romeo’s grille is a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other models.

Step 1
Our drawing is an example of how everything complicated starts with something simple. The first step is to draw the main outline of the car, which consists of two parts.

Step 2
Draw the radiator grille and logo of Alfa Romeo. Draw the extended headlights.

Step 3
Draw the lines for the windows, doors, and mirrors. Draw the arcs for the wheels and the car’s lower portion. We are now ready to add details.

Step 4
Draw the hood of Alfa Romeo at the front. The hood line is slightly curled. Next, draw the headlights with smooth lines.

Step 5
Continue to draw the car’s front. Draw the radiator grille and the logo on the top. Next, draw the bottom of your bumper.

Step 6
Use curved lines to draw the roof and windows. Next, draw the mirrors in the same way as in the example.

Step 7
Draw the doors by following the lines drawn for the side windows. It’s easy to draw handles on the doors. Continue the roof line to form the back.

Step 8
We have reached the final step of the lesson on how to draw an Alfa Romeo. Draw the wheel arches as well as the wheels. Draw the rims inside the wheel shapes.

Do you love cars and all that goes with them but don’t want to think about wheel changing, auto insurance, or other issues? You only need to draw sports cars and you’ll have a lot of them! You can also visit our lessons on Ferrari and Bugatti.

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