Today we’ll sketch one of the more stunning inventions of humanity. In reality, without this invention, we would not be able to function during the heat of summer. Only those who live in hot regions know how crucial cooling is.

We are now beginning a class on drawing an air conditioner!

Step 1

Begin by drawing your trapezoid’s contours. You can choose another geometric form in case you have an alternate perspective.




Step 2

Let’s draw a lateral edge to our conditioning. To do this, trace a line vertically along that side that was drawn in earlier.



Step 3

Create two horizontal straight lines along the front side of your air conditioning unit. Be aware that these lines must not parallel with the lines you traced in the previous step.



Step 4

It’s a rectangular box. Let’s create the circuit to look like the air conditioning corpus. Ideally, it should appear like a rounded top like in our test.



Step 5

We now draw a few straight horizontal lines across the outside of the air conditioning unit. In our example, there are many lines that are drawn very tightly and intensely. It is possible to draw fewer lines. But, make sure the lines you draw are in line with the contours of the third step.


It was a drawing lesson on drawing the air conditioning. The most difficult part of this course is the huge amount of straight lines. This is an excellent exercise for those looking to master drawing correctly geometric shapes, without using a ruler.

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