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HOW TO DRAW AN AFRICAN WILD DOG’s team will demonstrate how you can draw an African wild dog. This is a very interesting animal that looks like a puppy, a wolf, and a hyena all at once.

Because they are so similar, this lesson will show you how to draw an African wild canine.

The unique pattern on the coat distinguishes this dog. This pattern is not something we will draw, as it is very different for different people. However, you can draw it yourself by using images of African wild dogs found on the Internet.


Step 1

Let’s draw an African wild dog according to tradition by drawing a skeleton. The skeleton is made up of circles for the head and chest, pelvis and pelvis as well as simple lines to the neck, spine, and limbs.



Step 2

Next, draw the African wild dog’s muzzle using a few lines. Next, draw the neck with two lines that are slightly longer. The neck should not be too thick.


Step 3

Next, draw the front limbs using simple lines. We will only outline their location and volume here. Don’t press too hard on the pencil.

Step 4

Draw a few lines connecting the pelvis and ribcage to create the torso for the African wild dog. The abdomen should be slightly tapered at the top. Next, draw the fluffy tail.

Step 5

Follow the steps in the third step to draw the hind legs of the African wild dog. Remember that the shape of the hind legs is different from the one at the front when drawing them.


Step 6

Let’s now draw the details for the African wild dog. Let’s begin with the head. Next, let us draw the ears. The ears of this dog look a lot like a fox’s.


Step 7

Draw the eyes and nose of an African wild dog. Draw small nostrils. You can use this tutorial to help you draw details on the dog’s head.


Step 8

This step will show you how to draw the mouth of an African wild dog. The mouth should be drawn with a pencil. Next, draw the bottom row. Because they are hidden by the upper lips, the top teeth aren’t visible.


Step 9

Let’s now make the body more accurate and detailed for the African wild dog. Begin with the front limbs. Detail and draw them as in our example.


Step 10

Next, draw the hind legs with the same smooth movements. Make sure to use claws for your fingers. Detail the tail in the same way, using lots of small strokes.


Step 11

Smoothly and carefully erase any unnecessary lines from the drawing. Keep in mind to compare your drawing with the example we provided and correct any errors if necessary.


Step 12

Shadows are a great way to give your African wild dog drawing an even more detailed look. For more information on hatching and shadow, please visit our articles about shadow and light.


Make your African wild dog’s drawing more expressive and interesting by adding some color. You can start by drawing a pattern on the fur of your African wild dog. You can also use photos of these animals for references, as we mentioned at the beginning.

You can make the shading darker and more varied as well as show the background. This will give your dog’s drawing a more vibrant and lively appearance.



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