Hello, dear artists! Today we’ll teach you the art of drawing an Afghan Hound. Afghan Hound is a breed of dog that is bred to hunt. The magnificent and distinctive Afghan Hound is a breed that is surrounded by myths, legends, and amazing stories. Afghan Hound is a breed with a double status, it is beautiful and unique.
Step 1
Let’s first sketch out the structure that is our Afghan Hound. Draw the front, back, and pelvis using circles. Then sketch the limbs using simple lines.
Step 2
Utilizing simple geometric figures, we increase the size of the neck and torso and leg legs in the Afghan Greyhound. Be aware that this breed has long legs, a neck, and a slim waist.
Step 3
In orienting yourself on the lines of the previous lines, draw your dog’s head. Connect everything by only one contour. Draw an extended hairline using long strokes.
Step 4
It is probably the easiest way to draw a lesson on how to care for your Afghan Hound is to only need to erase any unnecessary lines and make necessary lines clearer and smooth.
Step 5
Let’s make sure we add some details to the design of our Afghan Hound. Create a more detailed hairstyle by using long lines like in our sketch, resulting in the stylish look of our dog’s outfit.

I hope that we managed to make this complicated drawing easier to understand and easy for you by means of our step-by-step drawing tutorial. If you’d like to have even simpler and more understandable drawing lessons, you can subscribe to us on social networks and check out additional lessons on our website.


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