How to draw an acorn -

How to draw an acorn

How to draw an acorn

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw an Acorn and an Acorn Coloring Page. Make it big so students can enjoy drawing all that fun texture found in the cap.

You can see a preview of the acorn in the image above. Start the drawing in pencil and make light lines that you can easily erase. You can darken them later with a black pen or marker.

In nature, there are lots of great little plants and details to admire when you go outside. One of the most recognizable of these details that you can find in nature is the humble acorn.

Acorns grow on oak trees, and each one holds a seed that can potentially grow into another mighty oak.

They have possibly the most distinctive and recognizable structure of any nut or seed in nature, and this makes them popular to feature in artwork. To do so, one must first learn how to draw an acorn!

This drawing guide will help you improve your artistic skills and learn to draw an acorn for any other drawings in the future. The acorn drawing skill can be useful if you want to draw an oak tree and add acorns on it or near it.

Surely you know that the acorn is the fruit of the oak tree. In mythology, the acorn symbolizes life and richness. In ancient times, people believed that acorns have magical properties. Nowadays, acorn sowing is the main way to restore oak forests.

So, if you are interested in this lesson you should now prepare the materials that you need to draw and then you can begin doing this task.

How to draw an acorn Step by Step

  • Draw the outline of the main part of the acorn
  • Start drawing the outline of the top of the acorn
  • Add the sides of the acorn cap
  • Picture the top of the acorn cap
  • Draw the bottom of the acorn
  • Color the drawing

Some acorn Drawing pictures

Before I start drawing, I always gather inspiration or reference material. Go take a walk, stop under an oak tree, and gather a few different acorns. If you don’t have access to an oak tree, you can find many pictures to reference online. Just google acorn pictures. 

Take a good look at your acorns. Notice their shapes. What stands out about them? Which colors can you see? 

Next sketch an acorn. Here I outlined a basic acorn. I didn’t want much detail, just a few accents. You can use as much or little artistic license as you please. Make it yours. 

Watch Video of acorn Drawing

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