How to Draw Among Us

In 2018, the video game Among Us was launched. It had a simple but effective method of determining who among the participants is an imposter.

It is simple and effective in its premise, yet it captures millions of players all over the globe.

Little armless astronauts are the stars of the game, and they have become a very iconic gaming character.

It’s a great way for these characters to have fun without the need to play any games!

How to Draw a Volcano

This tutorial is a must-see for all gamers.

This 6-step step-by-step guide will help you create one of these characters.

1st Step:

The Among Us game has a simple, yet humorous style that is very popular all over the globe.

This design features small, round bodies and very short legs. This guide will show you how to draw Among Us.

These legs are short and should be curved. Then, give them a flatter base.

They will have a slight gap between them and there will be an horizontal line at their intersection.

This is all that’s required for now. Once it looks like the reference image, we can move on to the next step.

Step 2

There will be a Christmas theme to the Drawing Among Us that we are currently working on. To add festive cheer, we will draw a ribbon around the character.

The bow will have a small rectangular section in the middle. You can then use curved lines to create large wings.

Next, make sure to draw some forked strands that poke down from the bottom end of the ribbon’s knot.

To finish this step, draw some horizontal curves around the waist of your character to wrap the ribbon.

3rd Step:

As we move to the third step in , we will draw the body and face of the character. This guide shows you how to draw among Us.

A glass window is placed over the chapters’ faces in order to reflect the astronaut theme.

This glass window can be drawn by adding a horizontal, round shape to the face. Draw a line from the window to the bow that will lead to the stomach of the character.

Next, draw a curve for the back of your character’s head. Then add a backpack with a second curve. Next, you can move on to step 4.

4th Step:

Continuing on with the Drawing of Among Us, we will finish the outline before moving to the final details.

We will first draw a present on the head of the character to keep Christmas spirit alive.

This can be drawn with straight lines that point outwards, then add a thin rectangular lid.

After you have drawn the gift, we will finish the outline by drawing a curve from the gift to its suit visor.

You will then be ready to go for the final details, as we move onto the fifth step in the guide!

5th Step:

You will finish the last steps of our guide on drawing Among Us.

You will also be able to add your own details, but first we will complete the gift on the head of this character.

To wrap the ribbons around the gift, first draw vertical lines across the gift.

Next, wrap the gift with ribbon using rounded lines. After you are done, add details to your gift.

A background is a great way to showcase your favorite stage.

You could also create your own setting for the Among Us character. What will you do with this drawing?

6th Step:

We will finish with some colors for the last part.

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