Hello! We have created to you an illustration tutorial that will guide you through drawing the perfect rose step-by-step. Even those who do not love roses often recognize the beauty of a rosebud that is adorned with drops of morning dew. It is a stunning natural phenomenon.

Step 1
Draw a circular shape.

Step 2
We now outline the stem which is divided into two branches near the lower.

Step 3.
In the middle of the circle of the first step, we draw the central buds.

Step 4
Draw a pair of round lines around the middle. Draw a few more petals, that “hug” in the middle of the buds. When you get further away from the center, the petals are positioned more freely.

Step 5
Then we begin drawing the petals, which are more flexible. They are larger, we are able to see their insides and they’re positioned more easily.

Step 6
Then draw four huge petals that are positioned on top of the previous flower.

Step 7
Draw several large petals, due to which the bud will spread out in its width. Be aware that the petals in this step should be near to edges that were drawn in the previous step.

Step 8
Remove the bud’s guidelines. Draw the sepals just below the buds. At the same time, sketch out the outline of some branches along the base of the plant.

Step 9
The final step is to draw the leaf contours using a toothed border. Then draw the veins of the leaves.

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