Hello, dear artists! Today’s drawing lesson 3DVKARTS team of artists 3dvkarts will show you how to draw the horse. In this lesson, we’re drawing a real horse.


The design of the horse is quite complicated and in this lesson, we attempted to break it down into several easy steps so that our readers could be able to draw horses without having to face any difficulties.

Step 1
We, as usual, start with the choice of posture. We will first draw a circle as a guide for the head.

Step 2
Then draw another portion of the head, which is called the snout. It is drawn as cylindrical.

Step 3
Draw the neck so that it looks like a curving and extended towards the bottom of the figure.

Step 4
Then we begin to draw the torso of the horse. The first step is to draw two big circles that are overlapping like in our illustration.

Step 5
In this stage begin drawing the legs. Take note that the front legs of the horse are straight, while the rear leg bends.

Step 6
This is where we start adding specifics to our horse. Draw out the eyes, ears nose, mouth, and eyes.

Step 7
Clean up all the guides and draw all lines to make them clearer and clear.

Step 8
In this step, we draw the tail and mane of the horse. For drawing the hair, make use of soft lines and curves.

Step 9
In this step, we add shadows. For this, we make use of light hatching. Alongside the shadows that the horse has, make sure to add an additional drop shadow underneath the horse.

In this instructional video, the team from 3dvkarts has shown you how to draw the horse step-by-step. You can share this drawing tutorial with your friends, and join us on our social networks. to our social media and then write your thoughts within the feedback.

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