Hello, dear readers! Today, we’ll teach you that you can draw elves (dwarfs)! Many people have heard of these fantastic creatures, and how they appear according to the appearance of dwarfs in the film “The Lord of the Rings.”

Today, we’re going to draw the gnome from Disney cartoons. It’s evidently simpler.

Step 1
Let’s start with a Stikman man made of circles and sticks, with which we can determine the fundamental proportions of our character and also its location on the paper.

Naturally, the variance from normal human body proportions is likely to be significant (for instance, the increase for the typical human being is sizes of 7.5-8 their heads whereas the growth rate of our gnome is approximately 2.3 head). Therefore, make sure not to make the length of your body excessively long. With a circle, draw the head. Then, using lines draw the arms, torso, and legs.

Step 2
Once you have a clear picture of the approximate dimensions, the posture, and the location of our person, we can begin to add dimensions to the image. Begin by marking the head. Draw an asymmetrical vertical line on the head (it is curly and shifts to the left when compared to the center of vision) and the line that runs horizontally around the mouth and eyes (the ones that are the last two are bent slightly).

For the top part of your head draws your cap’s contours. Then, outline the beard with gentle lines. The beard is nearly as long as the lower part on the top of your head.

Step 3
The Head is marked and lightly sketched. Heads are marked and lightly sketched. Then we then move to the legs and the torso that our Gnome has. With cylinders, sketch out the arms. Draw the fingers that are thick.

Curved lines, create the contours of the body. After that, the body forms a smooth curve into the legs that are short and thick. Notice that the body initially expands in the belly area. the belly. It then becomes narrower as it reaches the feet. In the final step, sketch the feet.

Step 4
Begin by drawing the gnome’s face. With the markup, you created from the previous step Draw oval-shaped eyes and nostrils (looks similar to a flattened potato) eyebrows, similar to commas, and a smiley mouth. Additionally, draw the contours of the cheeks as well as the lower lip.

Step 5
Try to erase the additional guidelines from the previous steps. Circle the facial features and draw any details such as folds on the cap, or wrinkles alongside the eyes. Don’t forget to draw the serrated line that forms the beard of our Gnome.

Step 6
Repetition the steps from the previous step, but only with regard to the arms, that is to erase any unnecessary guidelines and draw the contours. Draw fingers with each of the hands and trace the outline of your sleeves.

Step 7
Go towards the body. It is essential to mention that the belt tightens the gnome’s clothing. The first step is to draw the piece of clothing that lies inside the chest. Then draw the belt and the next step is to draw an upper edge.

Step 8
This is the final stage of the course on drawing an elk. Draw the lower portion of the torso as well as the legs that are short. Draw wrinkles on your pants and shoes.

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