Dear fans of DFA! In previous tutorials on drawing, we demonstrated the drawing of a pumpkin for Halloween. We will now demonstrate what you can draw off a Bat for Halloween. This is an extremely useful drawing class since it could be helpful to you to not only be competent in drawing a stunning image of a bat but, you will also be able to create stunning Halloween decorations.

Step 1
Then draw sharp ears as well as the rounded top of the bat’s head. In this way, it’s very similar to the head of a cat.

Step 2
Next, using two curving lines, draw wings which should begin exactly where we finished drawing the head.

Step 3
Then, using the aid of a straight waving line, trace an upper edge on the bat’s wings.

Step 4
In the final stage of our guide on drawing bats, we just paint the bat over in black.

It is important to note that we provided only one option regarding drawing bats. You could, for instance, include legs, and eyes or alter the form of wings. Also, in the same way, you could draw the Batman logo. Batman. Don’t neglect to tell your friends about this tutorial and sign up for our social media networks.

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