Hello! Today we’ve created for you a real-life drawing tutorial – which is it will be more difficult than our other lessons. The main focus of our drawing tutorial is drawing an individual girl step-by-step. Let’s begin!

Step 1
In the initial stage, the first step is to recognize the proportions, pose, and the body’s position in the image. First, we must be aware of the rules for female body proportions which differ from male proportions. In spite of the uniqueness of every individual man and his own proportions and the fact that there is an exemption to the norm that is in the drawing books, there are female figures who are inferior to the height of male figures. There are also some other differences:

The women’s shoulders tend to be a little narrower than those of men and the hips larger;
The fingers, wrists, and hands of females are thinner and smaller than males;
Women’s shins taper down and develop into slimmer ankles and smaller feet.
Begin by drawing the outline of the head and hair tufts over the top of the head. After that, draw the curved spine and draw the lines of the legs and arms.

Step 2
We join the volume of the image. With a narrow cylinder draw the neck. It will then slide effortlessly flows into the arms and the back. By using cylinders that are narrow and long, create the arm. Draw the balls in outline, using them to serve as guides for elbows and shoulder joints (remember that they must be tiny – you draw a girl who is fragile not the Incredible Hulk

). Draw the hand’s contours. Take a look at the contours of the body. Because of the slim waist and hips that are broad the hands appear like an hourglass.

When drawing the legs, you can use flowing lines to highlight the feminine form. Draw the bends that are necessary for the calf muscles, as well as the arches of your feet.

Step 3
It’s a simple step where we take off the lines. Draw the outline of the railing. It is based on them, dreamy thinking. The silhouette of a woman has been drawn, and now appears like an actual mannequin. In the next step, we begin adding details of the model.

Step 4
Let’s reanimate the mannequin by adding specifics. Begin by drawing the hair of a girl with hair strands. Make curly and curly hair hang down. Don’t forget the most important rule: your hair must be drawn from the tips and roots. Draw the contours that the cheekbone follows and the chin. Draw the ear, then move on to step 2.

Step 5
Worked on the hairstyle for the lady by drawing some smooth lines of hair along the hair’s back. Then, circle the breast’s shoulder, upper portion, and upper portion of the shirt. Be sure to consider the folds of the fabric as these are important to the authenticity of the entire drawing.

Step 6
The fingers of the female, then add particulars on the left hand of us. draw a few lines around the elbow region as well as trace the fingers. Draw the knuckles as well as visible areas of fingers. Then draw the lower portion of the shirt. The edges are not straight, and the center part must be covered in folds.

Step 7
Draw the lower portion of the body of the girl. On the open portion of the back, draw the line that runs along the spine. Mark the lines of the shorts. Add lines and folds on the bottom of the shorts. With smooth lines, make circles around the legs.

Step 8
Now draw the feet of our heroine in high-end domestic socks. Draw wavy lines of the socks that look like soft, slightly curled horizontal lines.

Step 9
Draw vertical lines on the toes. They should be extended from the bottom of the lower leg to the ankles. Circle the soles, and draw folds to create the required folds into the fabric. Finish this step by circling the railing.

The lesson was on drawing an individual girl step-by-step with a pencil. The lesson was developed by Make your suggestions to be a part of the lesson next time in the comments section below the article. You can also comment on our social media accounts.

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