How To Draw Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one the most loved Disney films.

It was originally made in 1951 and was an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic books. The film is still very popular today.

Alice is the central character in this charming and bizarre story, which millions love around the globe.

Learn how to draw Alice in Wonderland, and show your appreciation for this animated character.

This guide is for those who love the movie and the character.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw Alice in Wonderland in just 6 steps.

1st Step:

Alice was drawn in Disney animation style. This is something that you should keep in mind when we begin this guide on drawing Alice in Wonderland.

We will begin by drawing her head and face.

This animation style was quite detailed. You might want to replicate the lines as shown in the reference image.

To create a calm expression in the image, you can begin by drawing some curves around her face.

For her unique hairstyle, draw more curves. Next, draw the front of her collar.

2nd Step:

In this section of the Alice in Wonderland drawing, we will keep adding to her unique hairstyle. To have her hair fall to her back, draw a straight line from her back.

This will complete her hair. Next, you can start drawing her chest. You can draw more curves on the front of the dress and the top of the apron.

For her smaller waist, you can add more curves.

After you’ve drawn the aspects in the reference image, move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

This is the third step in , our guide on drawing Alice In Wonderland. We will be drawing her arms and the front of her apron.

We will first use curved lines to create the sides of her apron that flows out from her waist.

Another curved line can be used as the base for the apron. Then you can add some crease lines to the waist of the apron.

Once you are done with her apron we can add her arms. The right arm will come out of her sleeves. It will be detailed and precisely proportioned, just like the rest.

You will need to draw the upper arm of the left arm, which will be covered by her waist.

4th Step:

Your Alice in Wonderland illustration is already looking amazing! This fourth step will be to finish the skirt of her gown. It should be quite easy.

The skirt will curve to the left from the underside of her apron. It will then bend upwards so it can reach her waist.

The next step will only require a few details and elements. Let’s get on with it!

5th Step:

We have some final elements and details that you need to include in this step of before adding whimsical colors to your image. This guide will show you how to draw Alice in Wonderland.

We will add her legs to the main part of her body, which will extend from her skirt’s base.

Her legs get thinner the further they go down, and they end in some rather old-fashioned-looking shoes.

Now you can move on to the next step. However, you could add more to the image.

You can do this by creating a background. One idea is to draw your favorite scene from the movie behind her.

Which setting would Alice be most at home in?

6th Step:

Now it is time to add color to your Alice in Wonderland illustration! We used Alice’s iconic color scheme in our reference image.

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